There have been seven US House Special Elections

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  1. Doug Hughes profile image61
    Doug Hughesposted 10 years ago

    "For those keeping score, there have been seven special elections for U.S. House seats since the president's inauguration 16 months ago: NY20, IL5, CA32, CA10, NY23, FL19, and PA12. Democrats have won all seven."

    From Steve Bennen - … 023869.php

    Here's the thing about a special election. There's no favorite - no incumbent. The reason for a special election is because the Congresscritter either resigned or died, leaving an empty chair. So I wanted to point out despite the racket from the wingnuts to the contrary - the democrats aren't doing badly.

    With that said, it's true the midterms will be brutal on incumbents and there are more democrats than republicans in that category in November. It's likely (bordering on certain) that the democrats will lose seats in the House and the Senate in the midterms. The party in power always does.  But if the economy continues to improve and jobs continue to be created, the democrats will continue to hold the House and Senate in 2011.

  2. JON EWALL profile image60
    JON EWALLposted 10 years ago


    A BIG IF ''
    But if the economy continues to improve and jobs continue to be created, the democrats will continue to hold the House and Senate in 2011.''

    Medicare cut doctors 20%, who do you think will end up paying for the cut ________________?
    Bush tax cuts expire  who will be paying more taxes
    400,000 temporary government census takers   unemployment rate going up ?
    Healthcare bill taxes on medical equipment  who do you think will be paying more ?
    Latest gimick ???? disallow tax credit on mortgage interest ????
    What do you think, will oil drilling moratorium cost 45,000 more job lost ????

    ** Excerpts from an article by Christopher S. Rugaher of Associated Press titled Jobless Claims Fall in Sluggish Recovery dated 6/11/10
    '' first-time jobless claims hovered near 450,000 since the beginning of the year.
    claims peaked at 651,000 in march 2009
    the downward trend in layoffs, which began in the spring of last year, is clearly over FOR NOW
    last week, the labor department said the economy generated ONLY 41,000 PRIVATE-SECTOR jobs in may..... temporary census hiring added another 410,0000 jobs (government )
    UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS 26 weeks state
    extended federal benefits up to 73 weeks
    nearly 5.4 million Americans are receiving extended benefits
    all told, about 9.8 million people drew unemployment in the week ending may 22th ''

    President Barak Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress idea of ''jobs '' is providing billions of borrowed money to support people who want jobs first. NOTE, The minority republicans complain that they have been locked out of all negotiations on new legislation. OBAMA'S and the Dems open,TRANSPARENT and bipartisan government.
    The President's idea of producing JOBS was to shut down oil drilling in the gulf, which will put 45,000 more workers out of work. Is this the leadership that the nation needs in
    these troubled times?

    Your friendly Hubber

  3. drcrischasse profile image60
    drcrischasseposted 10 years ago

    Two words for you Doug, "Scott Brown (Senator from Massachusetts."

    1. Doug Hughes profile image61
      Doug Hughesposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      The US Congress is comprised of two bodies - The US House of Representatives (which this post clearly identified) and the Senate, which Mr Brown was elected to.

      I am finding Senator Brown interesting. He's conservative, but not stupid, and quite possibly sincere in how he's representing the people of Massachusettes. On a number of occasions, he's voted WITH the democrats when the GOP was in lockstep against. When Sarah Palin was in Boston with the Tea Party circus, he declined to attend.

      While Scott Brown and I might not agree on much, he's starting to look like a rarity among Republicans - an honest man.


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