Summer travel health care methods

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    luoyeposted 7 years ago

    Summer vacation, to many people bring opportunity to travel when you enjoy nature of good times, don't forget to prevent from this and come tourist disease. The summer sunshine ultraviolet radiation on human skin has a lot of damage.

    To prevent ultraviolet radiation disease, when you travel must arrange time properly, as far as possible to avoid noon out, especially hot weather no wind field tour; do not be more To wear light color, qualitative thin, loose, absorb sweat ventilates the long sleeves for good, body naked part should besmear bask in frost, Sun should wear the ZheYangMao; Sunglass can avoid glare stimulation to eyes, also should wear, Sweating should drink more water soluble vitamins containing salts and the cool and refreshing beverage to keep moisture and salts of metabolization balance, Streams travel exercise shoulds not be too big, to increase the number of rest, take some drug spare; Travel should be on besmear prevent bask in things, wash less as far as possible, "because" sunbathing too much exposure to the sun, can accelerate skin ageing, as time passes can make the skin become coarse, relaxation, appear capillaries, easy getting skin cancer.

    Summer air temperature is high, sweat is much, traveling most easily happen heatstroke. So, in the summer when you travel should be how to prevent heatstroke?

    Wear light-colored clothes: the summer traveling should wear white, of light color or plain coloured clothes, unfavorable wear black or blue clothes, because white, light color or plain coloured clothes heat-sink slow, heat faster, wear cool, not easy heatstroke.

    Wear strawhat: woven straw hats insulation materials more for hollow, have adiabatic effect. In addition, straw hat to sunshine, there is still a blocking effect. Therefore, the summer traveling had better put a straw hat, or take umbrella.

    Noon to rest: morning air is fresh and cool climate. Therefore, the summer traveling, departure time should earlier, arrived at noon on rest, at four o 'clock in the afternoon again after three tourist activities.

    Drink more salt water: summer aimless, sweating overmuch, high body, the body of osmotic pressure reducing salt will lose balance, thus presents heatstroke. And an extra drink water or salt tea, can complement the body's lost, thus salinity sunstroke prevention.

    Take sunstroke prevention medicine: in tourist road, easy to meet the changing climate, searing cold climate most easily catch a cold, lank and hot weather most easily heatstroke. Therefore, the summer traveling should bring some sunstroke prevention medicine. Like Dan, cool and refreshing oil, tiger balm, wind, ShiDiShui, mint ingot, water etc. The auror burner Once the occurrence heatstroke, should carried the sick out into a cool ventilated place lie down and rest, then gave the patient untie jacket, with cold towel apply in the patient's head and neck, and allow patients to take some Dan or ShiDiShui. If the patient fainted, usable fingers choke pressure patients of those hands clasped hole or acupuncture point of the fingertip ten xuan. When a patient is much better then sent to a nearby hospital treatment.


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