Budget/Union Showdown

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    Tonight, GOV Walker gave a statewide address.  He said:

    There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding unions and collective bargaining.  Collective bargaining actually stems from a 1905 civil service law, which predates the union for the State of Wisconsin employees.  The state union was formed in the 1950's.

    GOV Walkers #1 priority is to have a balanced budget, now and in the future, to protect Wisconsin taxpayers.  Short term fixes wont solve the problem.  It's time to control government spending, rather than raise taxes, again. 

    GOV Walker is listening to the people of Wisconsin.  He listed a number of citizens who've contacted him with their views, such as one person who asked, "Why does everyone have to sacrifice except state employees?"  Another citizen pointed out their share of their health insurance premiums are $800/month.  Yet other private sector employees, in support of GOV Walker, mentioned they pay 25-50% of their health insurance premiums.

    The GOV is looking for fiscal responsibility.  GOV Walker said if the bill doesn't pass this week, 1500 state employees will be laid off by June, with 5000 local gov employees in July, and another 5-6000 state employees by the end of July.  According to the current state contract, pink slips would have to be sent out next week.

    GOV Walker will not allow voices from other states to overrule the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

    Mark Miller, DEM Minority Leader, response

    The DEMs used a constitutional procedure to leave the state in order to slow down the process.  State employees have accepted the financial aspect of the bill, but want to keep the collective bargaining rights.

    Capital Rotunda response

    The crowd booed the entire time GOV Walker was speaking.

    BREAKING NEWS (as I was typing)

    A REP senator has proposed an amendment that would end Collective Bargaining Rights by 2013.

    Newsroom - Live audience response

    GOV opponent: angrier after listening to the governor.

    GOV supporter: If the previous governor had taken care of the budget properly we wouldn't have this problem today.  Suggests replacing the DEMs for not going back to work.

    88% of Wisconsin citizens work without a union, and are doing fine.

    A teacher in the studio audience: Collective Bargaining for teachers equates higher ACT & SAT scores.  States without collective bargaining rights for teachers rank no higher than 40 in terms of ACT & SAT scores.

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      As a County Executive, prior to being elected Governor, Scott Walker attempted to bargain with the unions to repair budget issues (similar to what he's doing now) and the unions told him - go ahead, layoff workers.

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