New laws being created to arrest people who video tape the police.

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    brimancandyposted 6 years ago

    I recently saw a report on the news that the GOV in the United States is trying to pass a law that would give the police the right to arrest anyone that is video taping them while they are working.

    The dumb thing about this is that this law only came into view over a stupid video tape of the police trying to stop a rap star from performing a song that the city in question felt was too pornographic to be performed in their town. They were prepared to arrest the rapper if he did the song, and the band video taped the cops during the confrontation, and posted it to their website. Now, the city is attempting to sue the rapper over invading the police officers privacy, and are trying to pass a law to stop people from filming them while they are on duty.

    I saw Bullshit! This is just another attempt by the police to keep themselves from being prosecuted when they are breaking their own laws. Like the police officer who was filmed shooting an unarmed kid in the head because he didn't move fast enough when he was asked to get up, with a group of guys who were sitting on the floor in a station, and minding their own business. If it were not for the video tape of the officer shooting this poor kid, they would have continued to claim that the officer shot him in self defense, even though the video proved that the officers involved were lying to cover their own backs. He shot that kid for no reason at all.

    The question is. Will this law also include the local media? If they pass a law to arrest individuals for filming. Film crews from local TV stations should not be exempt. As they film the police more than anyone. I think this law will be next to impossible to enforce, and, who knows what else this law will do to the publics view of what the police are doing. I say, if they are constantly watching us, we should have the right to watch them. As, I have seen them break laws all the time.

    Like walking into a gas station and grabbing a case of beer, and walking out the door without paying for it while in uniform. Or going the wrong way up a highway ramp, without their lights on, and doing uturns on one-way streets with no siren. And, totally ignoring an obvious crime, so they don't have to get involved. If I had a camera, I would have crap that would blow the cities mind. I think they should have a camera on them 24/7.

    Another thing that I would like to video tape is the amount of police, and tax payers money spent on Michigan state cops sitting at the highway exits near the town of Saugatuck, Michigan. I saw 4 state police cars and 4 city and county cars within a 10 mile area, and then not a single police car the next 50 miles. When we have murders in the City of Grand Rapids where it takes the police over 3 hours to respond.

    We should pull the police off the highways, especially when the number of police have constantly been cut. You want to save money? Get the cops off the highways, they are just sitting there waiting for speeders when they could be fighting real crime. It's just stupid.

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