Harry Reid: " I Can't Stand John McCain-He Does Not Vote Right On Iraq

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    GeneralRachelposted 9 years ago

    There are times when comments such as Majority Leader Reid's would be humorous; then there are times when you do all you can to not scream in outrage for how our nation is being treated by her leaders.

    With Congress approval ratings in the teens, the United States at war; facing new aggression and old threats and enemies - the Senate Majority Leader decides to say, "I can not stand John McCain!" Granted, I would be tempted to at least applaud his once in a lifetime honesty; but when does the ignorance of party politics stop and responsibilty to this nation take over?

    Harry Reid is upset, upset at Joe Lieberman, and angry, I believe that they (the DNC) may have made the wrong selection with Barack Obama - their Golden Child is not faring well. Harry Reid may see the writing on the wall and I can guarantee John McCain will not forget the words spoken by his "leader".

    From the Review Journal:

    "He has a close personal relationship with John McCain. I don't fully understand why he does," said Reid, who said Lieberman called Tuesday from the Republic of Georgia to alert him to the move.

    "I told him last night, 'You know, Joe, I can't stand John McCain.' He said, 'I know you feel that way,' " Reid said.
    But Reid said he would continue to resist calls from the Democratic Party's base to strip Lieberman, now an independent, of his Senate positions for his disloyalty.

    "All my close votes, he's always with me, whether it's the budget or energy issues," Reid said. "No matter what it is, he's always with us. He just does not vote right on Iraq. ... Why would I want to throw away a good vote?"

    Reid repeated his familiar criticisms of McCain in a discussion with Review-Journal staffers Wednesday, calling the Arizona senator wrong on the issues and saying the Republican, who arrived in Congress the same year Reid did, "does not have the right temperament" to be president.

    Lieberman, who was Al Gore's running mate in 2000, has been mentioned as a possible running mate for McCain.
    Reid said he hoped that wouldn't happen, because "there's a Republican governor in Connecticut," apparently meaning that's who would appoint a replacement if Lieberman resigned from the Senate to campaign.

    One of the underlying reasons Conservatives had issues with Senator McCain was the fact that he would compromise - his gang of 13 to give an example. He seemed to always have the need to make sure no one was mad at him, that he had to calm the waters among his 'friends' in the Senate. Today, I hope that Senator McCain wakes up to the fact that he has few if any 'friends' in the Senate - he never had. A harsh lesson to learn, but one he must learn nonetheless.

    I believe that Senator McCain will be President McCain and I have to wonder if Senator Reid sees the writing on the wall. I think he just might.

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    knolyourselfposted 9 years ago

    'I am Zionist' Biden, and dual citizen US/Israel Lieberman,
    and oh goodie - all US foreign policy made in Tel Aviv.

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    Zarm Nefilinposted 9 years ago

    John McCain was a damn good Navy guy but I doubt he would make a good president.