Should dead beat parents forfeit their Social Security?

  1. rhamson profile image77
    rhamsonposted 6 years ago

    The problem of collecting child support from dead beat parents has never had a satisfactory result.  They either move away and avoid the payments, move from job to job to avoid the garnishing of their wages or they just ignore the payments completely and get into a cash and carry situation as much as they can.

    If they don't pay their child support wouldn't it be fair to apply their future Social Security benefits towards their delinquent child support payments?

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      Disturbiaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I don't collect child support for either of my daughters from either of their fathers.  I have however, pay child support for my ex-husband's children, two of them are in their 20s and I can tell you, they aren't seeing a penny of that money.  One of the "children" ran away from the mother's home and actually lived with her father for three of the years he's supposed to be paying for.  All of this time, mom was remarried to a very wealthy man and while my ex was struggling to keep his failing business afloat, she was off on expensive vacations and using her new hubby's money to "stick it to" my ex.  She no more needed that money than I do, which is why I don't even bother trying to collect any, and she spent much more on lawyers than she was getting from my ex.  I'm not just talking through my hat here, I have met the delightful lady and actually offered her a one time flat settlement which she promptly refused.  The children in question are ages 26 and 24 both working and one of them recently bought a new home, and I, as part of my divorce settlement have now paid off this odious creature for children who haven't lived with her or been her financial responsibility in years and don't even send their dad a father's day card.  Make no mistake about this, my ex is a loser in many ways which is exactly why he is my ex, but he has always tried his best to provide for his children and sent what money he could.  When his payments began to fall short due to financial troubles, the viper he was once married to went right for his throat, and of course, I as always, got stuck paying the tab.  As for forfeiting social security, well at what point does it end?  By the time you're old enough to collect, your children should be taking care of you anyway.

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    optimus grimlockposted 6 years ago

    ya know thats a great idea!!!! you cant pay for your kids work til your 90, works for me smile