This Just In: To the Editor: Obama Born in the U.S. Public Opinions

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    Here you can read the reaction of The Mood Of America. See some of there comments below, MINE IS NOT THERE, LOL.


    Re “Citing ‘Silliness,’ Obama Shows Birth Certificate” (front page, April 28):

    It is unfortunate that President Obama felt obligated to respond to the challenge of his citizenship by the extremist wing of the Republican Party and the zany, reckless and pompous Donald Trump. Mr. Obama’s providing a full copy of his “long form” certificate of birth probably did little to sway those who are so inclined to hate him that they would dispute any legitimate claim he has to be our leader.

    President Obama was right to refer to the “carnival barkers” who fomented this non issue and kept it alive, and even that characterization was tame.

    A new anti-Obama alignment is now forming to tell us how the document he has made public is not legitimate, but rather the result of a plot between him and the State of Hawaii. Some people will never accept that a man of color, someone they will always consider to be “alien,” was able to win the presidency.

    I am sad that the president dignified them by responding. Our nation has again been brought low.

    Upper St. Clair, Pa., April 28, 2011

    To the Editor:

    With his release of his birth certificate, President Obama proved himself to be a master politician. He wisely kept quiet, never got flustered and let Donald Trump run his mouth for weeks. As expected, the president’s birth certificate turned out to be a non issue.

    It got better when Mr. Trump had the nerve to say that he was “very proud of myself because I’ve accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish.” Mr. Trump’s singular accomplishment was showing the world he is a publicity hound with no credibility.

    When he invoked the issue of high gas prices and then drove away in a black stretch limousine that was part of a three-car motorcade, the hypocrisy was louder than anything that came from his mouth.

    Oceanside, N.Y., April 28, 2011

    To the Editor:

    You’re right when you say in your April 28 editorial “A Certificate of Embarrassment” that President Obama’s having to release the long form of his birth certificate was a “debasing moment” in American politics. I would add the additional shame of watching Donald Trump tell us over and over how proud he is of himself.

    For what? Harassing the president? Lying repeatedly? Shameless self-aggrandizement?

    I have a better response for him. How about: “I’m sorry, sir.”

    Boston, April 28, 2011

    To the Editor:

    Your editorial never poses and never answers the most obvious of questions. Why did President Obama not release the long-form birth certificate when the birthplace question first arose? What makes the release now, years later, “tactically smart,” as opposed to releasing the certificate a long time ago?

    One would have thought that the “eminently rational” response to the “political irrationality” and “silliness” of the birth issue would have been to put the best evidence on the table at the outset, not wait until now.

    Scarsdale, N.Y., April 28, 2011

    To the Editor:

    So can we expect Donald Trump to stop congratulating himself and release his tax returns, as promised, even if he decides not to run for president? Time to man up, Mr. Trump. Fair is fair — keep your end of the deal!

    Germantown, Md., April 28, 2011

    To the Editor:
    Could the Obama birth debate finally be over? I certainly hope so. It is beyond me how any news source could play into such trivia with even an inch of ink or minute of airtime when so many crucial issues need attention, explanation and focus. 

    Riverside, Calif., April 28, 2011 … ntemail1=y