Wenie Will Not Go Away

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    American Viewposted 6 years ago

    Like a roach, wenie is not going awat. What do you think about these options spelled out by Major Garrett

    Garrett said he sees three scenarios for Weiner’s future, one of which would involve running for the special election for his own vacated seat. Garrett said he has talked to Democrats on the Hill who “theorize it’s possible,” based on what he described as Weiner’s “enormous ego.”

    Weiner’s two other options, according to Garrett: A wealthy constituent could find Weiner a job in his congressional district in Brooklyn. Another option would be for a “well-financed sugar daddy in the liberal Democratic world” to offer Weiner a sinecure at a think tank where he could write articles and make cable television appearances attacking Republicans.

    Garrett also said Weiner could write a mea culpa book to help him work his way back into the mainstream.

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