What Have We Done To America, Why We Should Be Ashamed.

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    crazyhorsesghostposted 6 years ago

    It is really sad where we have come to as an American People as we have traveled down a politically correct road on our journey to where we are at now.

    We watched as all of the American Textile Jobs were sent over seas. Do you even remember , " Made In The U.S.A. " Every day or two I drive through some of the cities around Charlotte North Carolina that used to be Big Textile Cities with hundreds of thousands of jobs and today those cities are little more than Ghost Towns.

    We need to demand as an American people radical changes that would change America for the better. We need to ban all Textile imports into the United States. And we need to legalize marijuana and collect tax money from it. Can you even begin to imagine if tomorrow we stood up as an American people and demanded a ban on Textile imports and the legalization of marijuana.

    Those two things would help to create more jobs for the American people than any thing else else in the history of the United States.

    We need to kick out all the current Democrats and Republicans and demand a new party that would be for America first. I don't care about the starving children in other countries. I care about the hungry children here in the United States. I don't care about homeless people overseas. I care about 15.000 homeless people living on the streets of New Orleans.  What do you think that people like Eisenhower, those Kennedy Brothers and others would think about the current state of political affairs here in the USA. I seriously think they might call for revolution. May be we need a revolution. One to throw all the current Republican and Democratic Bums out of office. 

    You see every night I see hundreds and often thousands of people line up for a meal right here in the United States. And I don't see any Republican or Democratic Candidate jumping up and down and raising hell about that. No they want to continue their politically correct games and keep your mind off the important issues. I say throw all the bums out of office including the so called Tea Party. Have you ever seen a dumber group of people. Come on people get real. Lets stand up for America first and to hell with the rest of the world.

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      Quilligrapherposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Howdy Ghost,

      I am impressed by your hub count. Nice work!

      Okay, let’s get real! If I join you in demanding all that you mention above, then what happens? There is nothing in the Constitution that grants you or me the right to demand anything. Your “solutions’ are not viable. Do you have any other strategies besides demanding? Will you run for a seat in the Congress? Have any ideas that might actually work?

      Thanks for your post, Ghost. I must read some of your hubs.

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        crazyhorsesghostposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        I don't see why we could not vote as an American people to ban textile imports and legalize marijuana. We keep the American Justice system clogged up with drug cases and the way the current legal system is structured it is anything but fair. Those with lots of money do little if any time while people with no money get sentences stiffer than those people committing murder would get.

        I see no reason to keep locking people up for drug crimes. Make it all legal and tax it. If we were to do that on a nation wide basis it would clear up the court system over night.

        I know some of my ideals may seem out there to some people but we are going to have to get radical if we are going to change America. Or we can continue to do more of the same like we have been doing and watch as the situation gets worse and worse.

        I really think that if it were put to a vote that the majority of the American people would gladly pass a law that not one dime could be spent outside this country as long as we have one homeless or hungry child in this country.

        And I really think America needs to stop trying to be the police to the world. We should keep our noses out of other peoples politics or we should completely destroy any country that attacks us and leave it that way. If we would tell countries like Iran that if you don't surrender your nuclear program we will bomb you to the stone age and leave you there we would not have to bomb over one or two before the bullcrap would stop.

        It is going to take changes like this if America is going to continue. We can not continue the way we are or eventually the United States will become a third world country.