Man Sues Uncle for Posting Embarrassing Facebook Pictures By Melissa K

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    Stacie Lposted 5 years ago

    Man Sues Uncle for Posting Embarrassing Facebook Pictures
    By Melissa Knowles | Trending Now of Minnesota man Aaron Olson. His uncle, Randall LaBrie, posted some pictures (which have yet to surface publicly or online for us to find and post here) from Olson's childhood of him in front of the Christmas tree accompanied by some less than flattering captions. When Olson became aware of the photos, he asked his uncle to take them down. Instead, LaBrie just untagged the photos and allegedly told his nephew that if he did not like the photos, "he should stay off Facebook." So, Olson sued LaBrie for harassment. … 18107.html
    We are treading into uncharted waters appears to be a form of harassment when those that know us post embarrassing photos or information about us online without our consent. What do you think and has this happened to anyone here?

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    SomewayOuttaHereposted 5 years ago

    i can see problems on the horizon....i used to be connected with family and extended family and extended extended family via facebook...have disconnected twice....there was actual fighting happening between first it was entertaining....but, then, i found it all very 'bye bye' to that.....

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    Lisa HWposted 5 years ago

    This wasn't a big deal (but I wasn't thrilled with it):  I have a cousin quite a bit older than I am.  She and her family are all on Facebook, and they posts tons of pictures of "everyone".  So, fine, her kids are all in their forties (or so), and they have kids who also have kids.  Then there are pictures of her mother and father (my aunt and uncle-by-marriage).  All the people on my mother's side of the family (and their spouses and kids and whoever else) have access to the page.  Still fine.

    THEN she expanded to include pictures of her cousins (me, my sister, and our cousin who is our age) when the cousins were kids.  NOT FINE!!!!!   mad  mad  lol   My sister discovered the pictures, and among them were unflattering pictures with us in stupid looking Easter hats (among other pictures).  What's she care if the pictures make us look like little jerks?!!  We weren't her kids or her.   We were her "little cousins" (but old enough to be grade-school and junior-high kids).   I don't see any goofy pictures of her on there; but a) does she even have a right to post childhood pictures of me that I wouldn't post online (flattering or otherwise), and b) wouldn't have it been nice if she'd at least asked?

    Obviously, this isn't something worth suing an eighty-year-old cousin over, but I wouldn't mind a few people figuring out that they could be sued for posting the pictures of others without permission of one sort or another.  These photos were from her box of photos at home.  They didn't come from my posting them on line.  So, I'd love to see a whole bunch of lawsuits starting to happen.  lol  (I can see the humor in my own situation and reaction; but even so, I'm really not happy about it.)