A challenge to both Republicans and Democrats

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    idratherbeposted 6 years ago

    I challenge die heart Republicans, Democrats, and Independents as well, to watch CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News for two nights. At the end of two nights, research what you were "Told", do your own research on what you heard, and determine if it was "Fact or News Caster Opinion". Then come back and express your experience. Whether you believed 100% of what you heard on all, one, or any combination of news channels. Or if you learned something that as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent you wouldn't have known, if you watched your regular news channel. Go in with an open mind.

  2. glmclendon profile image59
    glmclendonposted 6 years ago

    It makes no difference which channel you watch, you will get the spin of the channel you are watching. Fox for the GOP. Msnbc for the Dems.and CNN for both.

    They are paid to put the spin on this way. And they do a good job doing what they do.They take a small story and make a big story out of it. This is how they get paid and we keep watching.

    Sometimes they lie, but most of the time they take a little truth and put alot of spin to get the story they want. You should be smart enough to know what they are doing and laugh at them/. Think for your self.