Violence against Women

  1. anupma profile image80
    anupmaposted 5 years ago

    Why always women suffer from social and domestic violence, whether they are convict or victim?

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      romneykatposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Dear Anupma:  It is my opinion that women suffer from social and domestic violence because, historically, women have been considered to "belong to" a man.  It is conditioning that men absorb and/or are taught from childhood.  Thus as with a slave, if woman does not adhere to man's will, does not obey his established rules, she is subject to punishment as he sees fit.  Often this is physical abuse but can also be psychological abuse.

      We have worked for over one hundred years to change this, stop this; laws have been passed, education continues, we make progress yet this thought process is deeply embedded and will not end until everyone is educated, including women. 

      Women must ensure that they are not victims of abuse by being prepared, educated and strong enough to say "no!"  Even if that means admitting to being abused, leaving the situation immediately and permanently, and divorcing,

      The foothold is powerful on women.  Taught by religion, church, home and community in many parts of this country and the world from birth, that women are subservient to men and women are not allowed to question this in any manner.  The male has the authority, not the female.  This means grandfather, father, uncle, brother, male cousins, husband and other males of the community. hold the power.

      In many religions, females are passed from father to husband to serve him.  Believing that God gave woman to man; it is woman's lot in life.

      Just as men who held slaves, some were kinder than others when a slave didn't obey, others believed that the disobedient slave must be physically punished with whips, fists, kicks, etc. in order that they remember the consequences of disobedience.

      If you or someone you know suffer from this type of violence, know that today there are people who can help.  No one has to suffer this.  Women's shelters, law enforcement agencies to name a few can help.  However, education is key in order that women recognize that  they believe they deserve the abuse -- and accept that they need to change their thinking..  Education to learn and know that they have options in life, choices and help available to them..