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108 interesting facts, tips and statistics about online dating and relationships - Part III.

Updated on November 29, 2016

Here comes Part III.

73. A study done in 2009 shows that about 92% (!) of single parents are only looking forward to date other single parents.

74. In the USA, online dating is a bigger business than pornography.

75. Behind social media, online gaming and music sites, online dating websites are the most used and paid pages on the internet.

76. On the whole world, about 20 million internet users visit at least one online dating site once or more in a month.

77. In the USA 58% of all women and 48% of all men use online dating sites to find their better halves, but sadly, only about 20% of them are successful in doing so.

78. Statistics show that nowadays men are looking for intelligent and determined women, mere looks are not the most important anymore.

79. On average, men who use online dating services have 6 dates with different women in a single year. Meanwhile women have ‘only’ 4.

80. People who greet others with ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ in their messages on online dating sites receive less response than those, who address them more politely. Also, someone is more likely to receive a response when they write a longer message (or at least longer than ‘What’s up?’).

81. 70% of online daters say that eyes are the sexiest facial feature on profile pictures.

82. Despite the misbelief, women are most likely to get nervous when speaking about a potential marriage in the next few years than men.

83. Many of online dater women are only searching for a ‘friendship’-like relationship - at least for the first few months.

84. Most online daters meet their potential partner after exchanging a few e-mail messages, pictures and telephone calls usually within a month.


85. Sadly, couples where the woman earns more than the man is more likely (about 50% higher) to get divorced than those, where the man earns more.

86. The biggest causes of divorces on the world are: cheating, infertility and rudeness/lost love.

87. Women usually prefer to marry – or in general: to get into a relationship with – men, who are older than they are. Some of them (44%) also said at most 5 years is an acceptable age difference between two people. 32% said 10 or more years are also acceptable.

88. Some researches show that on average men would like to have more than 15 sex partners during their life, meanwhile women would like to have far less, about 4 or 5.

89. Statistics show that the older the person the less likely they will remarry after they have divorced or lost their partner.

90. Most of the people (about 70%) believe in love at first sight (yeah, you better not be going out sloppy next time!).

91. Some surveys show that about half of the people who use online dating admitted they dated more than one person at the same time at least once in their life.

92. Most trusted dating sites are those that require some verification at least on signing up and those that also use a wider questionnaire to screen the applicants.

93. In the USA nowadays more and more online daters use background check services before meeting their potential partner in person.

94. Dates which were set up by friends and family members are more likely (about 50%) to result in a relationship than those where the partners meet at a bar.

95. In the UK 71% of people have had an affair with one of their colleagues at least once in their life.

96. The majority of people say that the first kiss is very important as we can deduct many things about the future relationship from a single kiss.


97. On average, people go on at least a 100 dates (with different people or the same person – no one knows) before they settle and get married.

98. 6% of all single women really think that their biological clock is ticking so they are desperately looking for a husband.

99. Despite the popular belief, men are most likely to say ‘I love you’ for the first time than women do.

100. About one third of women are more likely to spend more time shoe shopping than partner seeking.

101. In the USA online daters tend to lie about their height: on average, most of them reported to be 2-4 centimeters higher than the national average.

102. Most of online daters claimed that they have ‘very good looks’ (about 23%) or at least their look is ‘above average’ (68%). The rest said they are ‘average’ (about 30%) and only 1% said they have ‘less than average looks’ – at least there are really some people who are realistic, right? (The option ‘very good looks’ could have been chosen only after ticking the ‘above average’ option, that’s why the numbers add up more than 100%).

103. Most of online dater women claim to be blonde.

104. Bald men tend to receive less response than others.

105. Those online dater women who are looking for a one-night-stand are more popular than those who are looking for a long term relationship.

106. Those online dater men who are looking for a long term relationship are more popular than those who are looking for a one-night-stand.

107. Online dater men tend to avoid women who have a ‘manly’ profession.

108. On the other hand: online dater women tend to date men who have a very masculine profession.

That's all for now!

Sadly, we are finished.

I hope you got to know the online dating world better and you enjoyed my hubs :).

Thanks for reading my work!

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© Copyright 2012-2014, Zsofia Koszegi-Nagy (zsobig)

© 2012 Sophie

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  • zsobig profile image

    Sophie 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    Thanks a lot Cogerson :)

    To be completely frank, I was very shocked too. I would have never thought that ANYTHING on the world can beat pornography, although I am not familiar with that topic at all :). But I am happy this is the truth, maybe this can give some more hope for people who are still looking for their better half. I hope they succeed!

    Thanks for reading, commenting and voting up :)

  • Cogerson profile image

    Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

    Excellent 108 reasons....I enjoyed reading all the are very surprising.....on this set of reasons....I am shocked that #74 is a fact...I would have sworn pornography would easily beat out online dating.....voted up and very interesting.