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108 interesting facts, tips and statistics about online dating and relationships - Part II.

Updated on November 29, 2016

Here comes Part II.

37. Couples usually change house keys after 12-14 dates.

38. Women who set a profile picture receive twice as many messages as those who don’t.

39. Men who say their annual income is 5 times more than average receive 1,5 times as many messages as those who say they earn an average income.

40. Statistics say that women are most attracted to men who wear blue on the date.

41. In the USA there's a week dedicated to single people: the third week of September is National Singles Week.

42. In the USA there are nearly 100 million people nowadays who are not married – out of these 53% are women and 47% are men.

43. Four out of 10 workplace affairs result in marriage.

44. Studies show that people tend to decide whether they are attracted to the other or not within 3 seconds after meeting them.

45. Most of people can’t represent themselves objectively when writing an online dating profile.

46. Matchmaking is a good business: in the present years in Manhattan, a matchmaker’s price starts at 20,000 USD, and if the relationship results in marriage, the matchmaker usually expects a marriage bonus, too.

47. Matchmakers usually charge 10 thousands of USD for their services from men, meanwhile only charges a few hundreds from women to be listed as potential partners.

48. Fresh breath and nice, clean teeth does matter a lot on first dates – these are two of the biggest issues when meeting a potential partner.

49. People usually cook dinner for their potential partner on or after the 3rd date for the first time.

50. About 40% of men don’t feel confident meeting a woman for the first time.

51. First impression does matter a lot for women: 80% said the way a man stands counts a lot on the first date.

52. The biggest turn-on during a date when the potential partner is laughing and showing happiness, meanwile the biggest turn-off is negativity.

53. Men are usually afraid to approach a woman who is in a larger group of other women – so if the woman wants to meet a guy she should break off the group to give a chance for the man.

54. If someone says their potential partner’s name at least twice on a date this shows connection and attentiveness towards them. Also, remembering some bits of information about the partner and speaking/asking about these show interest.

55. If a woman within a bigger group often breaks off, her eyes are wandering around the place and she goes to the toilet alone quite often she is surely trying to find a partner.

56. On average, daters kiss on their second date.

57. A woman can express her interest in many subtle and gentle ways – some of these men won’t even notice – these are: smiling/laughing on the partner’s jokes, playing with her hair, leaning towards him, blusing, showing interest, ‘accidentally’ touching his arm.

58. On the other hand, signs that show that a woman is not interested are: not smiling or faking a smile, not engaging in the conversation, giving short answers, leaning away from him, avoiding eye contact, looking at her watch.

59. Although extremely beautiful women tend to get more stares and winks, they rarely get asked out by men as the men feel they are not good enough for her.

60. Calling someone after the first date in less than a day can appear to be desperate; meanwhile calling after 4-5 days is too late. The ideal is if the man calls the woman in about 2 days.

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61. Choosing interesting and/or exciting places for the first date increases the chance that the person will fall in love with you.

62. An unspoken rule states that the man pays for the dinner on the first date. Speaking of which, if the woman is badly trying to pay for the dinner or for at least her part that means the man is better not hoping for another date after this.

63. Some scientists say that men know they are going to fall in love after the 3rd date, meanwhile women feel the same after only the 14th date.

64. Surveys show that 40% of women get into bed with their partners after 1-3 months; meanwhile men think it is already too late on the 3rd date. On average, couples have sex within the 4-6 dates.

65. Couples like to break up online as well: about 48% of online daters admitted they broke up with their partner via e-mail.

66. In the USA about 50% of all single adults have not had a date in more than 24 months.

67. Men tend to get afraid of and break up with women who start to talk about marriage too soon.

68. The four most common mistakes what people make on first dates are: showing up late, talking too much about the ex, talking too much about themselves in general and trying to please the potential partner way too much.

69. The 3 most common signs that the men is cheating on their partner is: 1. he is always at work, 2. he asks for more free time or more ‘space’, 3. he is acting extremely nice and giving gifts for no real reason that you know of.

70. Women who appear too ‘available’ to a man are less likely to get into a long term relationship with that partner. Men also like mystery and the thought that they had to work for their woman.

71. People with less intereting hobbies and experiences tend to lie more about their life in order to appear more interesting to others.

72. About 20% of people admit they have dated someone they met over the internet during their lives.

Keep on reading, there are still 36 interesting bits left!

Yep, we are in the finish.

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  • Mellonyy profile image

    Mellonyy 5 years ago

    Very interesting hub, thanks for sharing! I liked fact 67, and completely agree with it, men are always afraid of anything :) Voted up!