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The best gift ideas for women - a little pampering for the body

Updated on November 24, 2014

The needs of a woman

As a woman, I can promise you that the items I am going to mention will be perfect gift ideas for all women. How do I know that? In fact I don't. I just know that I like them - even if I am not a fond of beauty products and I rarely spend hours in the bathroom :).

Sometimes women would give a fortune for a nice, relaxing bath, for a quick hairdo or for even a charming makeup - especially in the mornings or when they are already late from a meeting. Or after a long day even a pleasant scent, a little pampering of the soul can cheer us up.

All women try to reduce time that they spend in the bathroom from day to day to make their partners (and sometimes everyone) happy, but this could be the expense of the perfect outlook... And a bad makeup can really ruin a day.

Now I will give you a short list of things that can easily make a woman's life better.

1.) A little pampering for the soul

Luscious baths

There are many fantastic foam and bubble bath products on the market that worth a try, not mentioning some interesting 'inventions' such as bath bombs by LUSH. My first experience with LUSH-shops was in a huge mall. I was strolling from shop to shop when I smelt something interesting and yet tempting. I've started to search for the source of the scents and then entered a little shop. This shop was full of products that were all fascinating products that you can use in the bathroom: shower gels, bubble baths, soaps, balms, body lotions and sprays - all giving off those scents. I couldn't stand to buy a little gift for myself and to try the contents immediately after I've arrived home. At home I've felt like a little girl on Christmas day opening presents.

After all the products that I've bought were 'consumed' in a week, I went to buy some new ones - and this goes on and on since then. I think these expenses worth my money, since I really feel that the scents are pampering my soul as well, not just my body during a bath.

DIY recipe of a Bath bomb

2.) A little pampering for the hair

Perfect curves

My hair is terrible - I have no chance at a hairdresser since my hair tries to 'live its own life'. If I spend hours at the hairdresser who makes me a nice hair-do for an occasion it lasts no longer than 1 or 2 hours - and this is a way too short period of time.

Therefore I've started to search for another option - and finally I've bought a set of travel hairsetters and a flattering iron for myself.

Although I was distrustful at first, they both make a pretty good use of me. I think the flattening iron needs no explanation, but the travel hairsetter do: this is a set of jumbo rollers with an appliance that heats up very quickly and you can make your own perfect hair-do in 2 minutes - without damaging your hair of course. And even I can tell you that thanks to this set my hair lasts longer than before.

How to put in hair rollers?

3.) A little pampering for the face

Charming makeups

When I was a little girl I've found it really interesting when my mom made herself a nice and charming makeup. I've always wanted to make myself one as well...

When I got older I've immediately exploited the opportunity and bought myself a huge, pro makeup set. I was amazed. The set contained many colorful eyeshadows, face powders, lipsticks and lip glosses - it took my a while until I've tried all of them.

Eversince I always use pro sets like this, because those kits have everything I need for the perfect makeup and they have many slide out compartments that you will have to discover. The set takes up only a little room, so you can bring it with yourself everywhere.

How to make a professional makeup?

4.) A little pampering for the body

Luxurious spa

I've got a huge set of home spa products from my parents a few years ago, and although I didn't like 'smelly' products before, I immediately started to love them.

Products that contain vanilla, cocoa or honey extracts are not only good for your body but are fantastic for your senses too. The gift set I've found on Amazon is very similar to the one I've used. This contains a body lotion, bubble bath, body scrub, bath salts, soap, an aromatherapy candle, a towel and a nice set of potpurri all packed into a gift basket. I can tell you the whole set is amazing, perfectly decorated, therefore it can be a great present for any woman for any occassion.

Tips for spa treatmens at home

5.) A little pampering for the senses

Relaxing scents

First of all I have to state that I love all kinds of aromatherapy oils and if I can make it I light a candle to vaporize my favourite scents into the air of the living room on each evening. Years ago it was a bit hard to find the specific scent you want (there were only a few aromatherapy oils present in Hungary), but nowadays, with the help of the internet you can find the exact oil you are looking for.

In many cases you can take advantage of these oils: for example if you have caught a cold you must vaporize some eucalyptus or spearmint aromatherapy oil into the air of your room to lessen the symptoms. Believe me, if you haven't give it a try yet you must try it, because it is the easiest way to feel yourself better in this case.

Or on the other hand, you can use these oils to make special occasions even more memorable - like opening presents on Christmas day surrounded by the scent of cinnamon and orange in the air. Can't miss it!

Aromatherapy tips

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© Copyright 2012-2014, Zsofia Koszegi-Nagy (zsobig)

© 2010 Sophie

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