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‘3 Facts of Love Beyond Valentines’: Greatest Poems of Love and Hope: A Life Circle: About the Values of Love.

Updated on October 27, 2012

3 Facts of Love Beyond Valentines.

‘3 Facts of Love Beyond Valentines’: Greatest Poems of Love and Hope: A Life Circle: About the Values of Love; by Pearldiver, looks at what we consider makes love amazing, fleeting and worth celebrating. Love is no longer Simply Love; it is big business and its promotion creates a multi billion dollar income for a diverse range of businesses every week, collectively throughout the world.

What was first written to be best experienced in an unconditional environment, has by that very suggestion, throughout history become a poorer slave to restrictive and controlled commercial conditions. There are no boundaries to the success of ‘selling’ Love. I recall once, being given the advice of letting go, in the forlorn hope that it would come back; only to find that every married couple that I met for the next ten years, had a poster in their home stating the exact thing. Amazing, I thought (well cured, I must say) so this is how extra marital affairs are justified; surely the phone number of the divorce lawyer, at the bottom of the verse on the poster is only there for aesthetic balance!

Irrespective of the ‘practical’ reasons to step outside of the ‘emotive’ rationale that we immerse ourselves in when someone really does ‘ring our bell,’ being In Love is a state of being, beyond any other experience. For each of us, it is different and for each of us, it is an opportunity to find within, the purity of one’s heart and the depth of one’s character and vulnerability. Those are three aspects of ‘being’ that should never be taken for granted, abused, or given away foolishly; but alas the call of Love is such, that we will always tend to ignore prudence. As a result, historically ambulances are often very busy at the foot of many a great cliff, or those in doubt, sadly many find that the most honest place to stash prudence, is in a cell phone directory, under the name poster or something similar; anything but My Relationship Lawyer’s phone number!

© Copyright 2011 Pearldiver Poems of with all rights reserved.


Enjoy the Commercialization of Love, enjoy every single piece of Valentine’s Day attention that is directed at you and enjoy the warm, fuzzy feelings and waves that can only be created by two, merging as one. If your love is unconditional, then you ask for nothing in return and you make no conditions for the purity of the gift that you give. Just in case, prudence dictates that we each must consider the ‘what ifs’ before we really get serious with a partner.

3 Facts of Love Beyond Valentines, contains three different factors to consider in your pursuit of Love. Each poem carries a message and provides a standard to think about, when you take the time to consider what Love means to you and what you are prepared to concede on, just in case, just for Love. Please, enjoy ‘3 Facts of Love Beyond Valentines’ by Pearldiver.

© Copyright 2011 Pearldiver Poems of with all rights reserved.


♥ Forever, My Love ♥

Love me, for my tactlessness

Love me, for my vanity

Love me, for my crooked smile

And I will Love you, just the way you are

Far, far longer, than just awhile

Love me, for my hopelessness

Love me, for the mistakes I make

Love me, for my vulnerability

And I will Love you, just the way you are

Far, far longer, than we’ll be

I’ll Love you, for all seasons

I’ll Love you, beyond all time

I’ll Love you, for your heart

And will you Love me, just the way I am

Forever, promise not to part?

Conditions, Love; ‘let’s make a deal’

Sadly; ‘bound by cold, steely clauses’

To hold; ‘our hearts, our insecure souls’

Just in case; ‘the ways we are’

‘Fall short, in these open, trusting, loving roles.’


© Copyright 2011 Pearldiver Poems of with all rights reserved.


♥ I Really Want You ♥ – In Past Valentine Genre ♥

This is a poem of a past era

When one could not just simply say

‘Let’s cut to the chase, I just want you now!’

I am glad, as a modern man

That I can not ‘respect’ that way

It is sad, for romance and women

That so many guys don’t care

Or just don’t know; how to play!

So, in a past Valentine Genre:

When people took time to want and to love

Here is an; “I Really Want You”

In a language lost, irrelevant today:

I am humbly, a mere man

Mute to all, bar the simplest definition

Unable to convey a complex feeling to you

I, a mere man, of wicked intent

For there are so many

And I am humbly, a mere man

Unable to read the subtleties

Of all women and their womanhood

For such a state of being

Can only be the greatest secret

Unknown to all mere men

Yet so openly flaunted to our affliction

I, a mere man, of as yet futile, intent

Do solemnly pledge undying support

To that cause of which remains, unknown

Yet fills my every living, non humble sense

These words may never quench a thirst

Nor rescue one from any bondage felt

For they are merely humble words of man

In great awe, of every woman found

Just being, amazing in her role

Within her total womanhood

So women, forgive this clumsy, simple declaration

Of such feelings borne, unable to convey

Of luck and hope, bestowed on all

We mere men

And of all those subtleties contained within

This wish, to always love

The magnificence, of you

Beyond the courage

Of this Valentine’s Day

Beyond all wild, wondrous, wicked intent

Beyond man’s complex, yet definitive lust

Each woman, within her total womanhood

Seeks a friend to understand her

And a lover who will always be true

And by the way;

Dearest Valentine…

I Really, Really Want You!


© Copyright 2011 Pearldiver Poems of with all rights reserved.


♥ Te Amo ♥

We are each, in flow

As if, in streams

Moving in time

Silently forward

Ambling, to and fro

Towards our sea

We meet

We love

We miss

In flow

Always we will be….

Te Amo

I will always Love You

In flow



© Copyright 2011 Pearldiver Poems of with all rights reserved.

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Enjoy your Valentine's Day.

Take Care and Be Well.  - * Pearldiver *
Take Care and Be Well. - * Pearldiver * | Source

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