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Face Book Can Facebook Ruin Marriages Part 2

Updated on May 13, 2011

Can Face Book ruin marriages Part 2

Hi! This article is following part 1 Can Face Book ruin marriages. If you haven't read part 1 than you will only grasp a little of what I am talking about. Go to part 1 and come back to read this click this link to read part 1 After you read part 1 come back to this.

Well Pam is still talking to her old flame on Face Book. He is texting her all the time now. When I see her she is very emotionally torn between her husband who she claims to love and her old flame Bob. Like I said in my first article, its not Face Book that ruins the marriage it is how we act and think. You need to set boundaries in your relationship. It is ok to have friends male or female as long as your spouse knows and is included. When you start keeping secrets, this is when it is wrong. Is it ok to chat with someone on the net when your married? Whats the harm right? Were just talking. This is where people justify it. People need to act and think as if their significant other is in the room. Ask yourself, would you still be acting this way? Another excuse is well, I was lonely. Well, start communicating with your significant other instead. Raise the affinity and communication in your own relationship. So many people now are divorced. Why is the divorce rate so high? I will tell you why because people have lost sight of what ethics are. When we do commit bad acts we justify it. Its natural to do. How many times have you heard this " He was never home so I got lonely and had an affair, It's not my fault he's never home." Sound familiar. Go ahead blame and justify.

If we look at how we behave and act we can always change how we want to be treated. How are you treating the loved one in your life? Start acting and doing good things and good things will happen. Its the law of attraction. We reap what we sow. Getting back to Pam now she is very irritable. She is picking fights with her husband, she is very defensive. Why is she acting this way? She is defensive because she knows deep down she is doing something wrong. This is why. Why is she picking fights with her husband? She is looking for excuses to leave. She is now finding fault with him. When this happens its natural, like I said before when we commit a bad act we want to naturally justify it. So right now she is looking and finding faults in her marriage, this way she can justify her actions with Bob. This is what to look out for.She is emotionally upset at work. Just to let you know she is now sucked into all his emotional heart felt words he has told her.

Did I mention Bob is still married, he left his wife but never divorced. He has another girlfriend and is unhappy with her. Should my friend still continue to talk to him? Hello red flag he has alot of emotional baggage. He has 2 relationships he never ended and is trying to hook up with my married friend. I had to let Pam figure out what a player he is and she has now finally broke off the communication with him. She is very sad but soon she will get over all the bull crap he was feeding her. Sometimes you can talk and talk, but a person has to see it for themselves. Emotions can cloud your judgement. I am happy to say that I am glad I gave her advice she really needed. If someone you know is going into a situation like this, tell them, and help them. I couldn't sit back and watch her destroy her great marriage. She was just liking the attention thats all it was. We are all human. Who doesn't like to be flirted with or paid attention too. You just need to not cross the line.

Hope this article helps.



Is Face Book ruing marriages?

Is Face Book ruining marriages?

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    • sandylongman profile image

      sandylongman 7 years ago

      Hi! Sweetee6

      It will take alot of forgiveness but only if your husband is sorry and wants to change. God doesn't want anyone to be invalidated or taken advantage of. It takes two to work out a marriage. The Devil loves to break up marriages, try not to let others suppress you. Seek out a Christian marriage counselor.

    • profile image

      sweetee6 7 years ago

      I wish I would have read this before my husband of over 20 years did this exact same thing to me. He amped up the affair though by physically cheating. Now he is home and I don't know where I want my life to lead....

    • profile image

      Justsilvie 7 years ago

      If the people who are so unhappy and unfulfilled in their relationship would just use this same emotional energy on their partner that they are using to cheat on facebook and other online sites they might be surprised how easy it is to wake up a sleeping relationship.

      You loved this person oce, or maybe still do. Why not sent those hearts, kisses, virtual flowers and loving mails to the person you are with.

      Flirt with your partner by e-mail and phone instead of a stranger. They will love it. The rewards for you both might be a closer, warmer and more romantic relationship.