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Child Support Saga Conituned: 15 Days To Compelled Financial Discovery

Updated on March 17, 2013

A Review of My Life in CSE Court Over the Last Two Years

To review I have been trying to get child support for 13 years. My child’s father was abusive enough to sue me for the custody of my fetus, child support and paternity but refused to take the paternity test. So for 13 years I have tried to obtain funding for my son. My son’s biological Father, because the man never ever wanted to see his son, has been have a very serious relationship with an attorney who on every occasion I speak to him tells me it disgusts him to have to intimate contact with her. But this woman who I have told her I feel sorry for her has been on the telephone threatening me since my child was two. She threatened my son’s well being. So for me I don’t think of her as an attorney but as the desperate girlfriend of my son’s biological Father.

She has even written me personal letters which she can be disbarred for. I haven’t gone after her because I feel so sorry for her. But two years of eating hard boiled eggs has changed all of that for me. A nice trip to the emergency room which electro-light imbalance and an irregular heart beat has firmed my resolve. We get food stamps. A whopping $300 a month and my son has a rare disorder which requires additional calories. He eats all of the food stamp money in a week. We live in Florida and it would seem there are a lot of heartless people. My heartbeat was so irregular I thought I was going to die and leave my son who is non-verbal and can’t call out for help. So no more nice girl for me.

So two years ago I finally obtain a judgment against the Father and a child support order. The DNA test came back 99.99% the person I was suing was the biological Father. I did not ask for additional money. I didn’t argue because I knew the Father too well. They were going to file an appeal. After all it was only the Department of Revenue and the taxpayers of Florida who footing the bill. In addition my son’s biological Father had been on food stamps for the past thirteen years while he paid to self publish his own book which I believe he sells on Amazon for $174 used.

He claimed he was poor. I took whatever the hearing officer granted and I didn’t look back until they filed an appeal. And then the girlfriend who happens to be an attorney decided to start writing me letters to intimidate me. The short of the long of it is that she managed to get the child support order over turned and the judgment over turned un the Fourth District Court of Appeals without one shred of evidence her client was indigent but the simple fact he received food stamps and claimed he was indigent. So I lived on eggs for two years in order to care for my son properly. The girlfriend took it one step further and called up the Attorney Generals’ Office and made claims that were incorrect. This in turn triggered the Florida AG’s office to make a confession of errors. Since the girlfriend is an active lawyer she was entitled to make the call. However it was completely unethical for her to lie to the AG’s office and force a confession of errors.

I use to work for Florida so I pretty much know everyone. My ability to get state officials on the telephone is unrivaled. After all my heart is in arrhythmia because I have lived on eggs for so long. It is referred back to the department of revenue and we all start working together. I explain my position very clearly and cite the law to which I am referring. Unbeknownst to me in September the Department of Revenue refiles the Motion for Financial Discovery. My son’s father and his girlfriend are “No shows” in court. It is quite obvious the Department of Revenue is well within their jurisdiction to request all of these documents. My son’s Father refuses to disclose any of his financial information.

My Curiosity is Now Peaked

Why would a man who has been on food stamps for the better part of 13 years and claims not to have any money, refuse to disclose his financial statements? He has already claimed indigence. Prove it and show the world. I will let you figure it out or I will share the results with you when I find out.

Last week the court compelled him to disclose his financial records. He has 15 days to produce everything.

In the interim I filed an emergency motion to establish temporary child support because I like to keep my heart beating safely. The motion was struck down as I am not a party in this case.

In Summary

In any child support case you have to be your best own advocate but you also have to learn the legal system. Court is all about rules and how to make them work for you. There is no doubt that this biological Father needs to support his child. He just claimed to be a turnip or indigent. The truth is this guy is a deadbeat. I think his financial records will disclose that. But if you are a single parent seeking child support whether you are a Mom or a Dad, because I am told there are some real deadbeat Moms, get financial discovery first so you know what the other person has.

I can’t be upset with Pam Bondi, the Department of Revenue or anyone else in this case except the biological Father and his former girlfriend.

The really sad part about all of this is I am trying to start a non-profit to help children and their families with Autism and I have literally been bled for every cent I have. Because of the judgment, which was over turned and not one penny was paid of it, I am behind on my rent and I was always disqualified for rental assistance. I only qualified for it last month.

So parents make certain you always ask for financial discovery before you go to court for child support but most of all work with the Department of Revenue. They are really there to try and help you. It is a bureaucracy and it is hard to get through when they have so many cases but keep at it.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida


      I am so sorry for your hardships but know you are not alone in your plight. It is okay to get mad at the deadbeat Dad as he has betrayed his own child. I understand. I can only hope that you and your family have very Happy Holidays.


    • TNSabrina profile image


      6 years ago

      I’m sorry to read about your child support struggle. I have a dead beat dad in my life as well. He hasn’t paid a dime in child support in 14 years. He bought Christmas presents once in those 14 years, and claims to be buying gifts this year. What really sickens me is how he is living the life. Buying a body full of tattoos costing thousands of dollars, living in a big house on the beach, driving a Harley and has two new cars, yet he has never bought his child a bag of groceries.

      Before I got married, I was a single mom barely making it, surviving on beans, cornbread, and Ramen Noodles, while this dirt bag is getting stupid looking tennis shoe tattoos on his feet and a dumb looking lizard tattoo on his neck. Sorry, I get so angry when I think about him, and I understand your frustration.

      Wishing you all the best and know I am rooting for you to get child support soon!


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