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Why Men Can't Be Faithful? Can they?

Updated on December 10, 2012


It's been a question that women have made since the beginning of Civilization. We men knew from the remotes times our paleolithic 'Joe', that women were different and created to be protected by us... apparently.

If we go down to the root of the word woman: 'wifman', old English for female human, our ancestors thought of it as a second class denomination. Women were raised to be completely dependent of their male counterpart. Although today, we think of it as an obsolete thought for the sake of equality and opportunity. Men, on those days relegated their women's role to companionship and motherhood.

Is hard to recognize the first gay hominid in this archaic neighborhood of caves, but they took their course of gradual evolution as well (will explain on another hub). Going back to the question: Men cheat because of their ego and selfishness. If we add their progenitor's influence, the environment and forged and transmitted behavior through genetics, then the trend will follow its course, or maybe its curse.


It's easier for men to look for variety in a nine month period of pregnancy. The main reason is the hormones that they release, depending on the quantity of estrogen called estradiol.

The craving for an outside sexual encounter is easily instilled in us men. whether they fight it or not. Have you ever heard that saying, 'married men are more attractive?' or, 'He just got married and he looks so confident, he has a sex appeal that he didn't have before. We femme cannot understand it, maybe is just us.'


In today's society, with all the advances in science and entertainment you can find that more than 60% of couples are not really happy at all.

The routine and everyday chores add up to that. How many women need to concentrate and take their time to have intimacy? After a 24/ 7 job with their little rascals, all they might just want to do is rest and regain that strength for the next day.

Men instead come from work to look for that woman that they conquered with all their rights. Not a real 'leave to beaver' scene at all.


Here are the 10 excuses that they most likely will give to a counselor and to you:


"What about you idiot?" Would be any women's answer. Men claim that their partners have changed physically since the day they got married.

They don't understand that having a baby could transform the whole marriage scenario. "I should've stayed single then," says Steve, an Industrial Engineer with a 6 months old baby, who is about to get his master degree at MIT in Boston. "The babysitter knows our situation and that really disturbs me. Maybe I should give it a shot!"


The worst thing that can chase us away is a woman who won't shut up. And unfortunately women's vocal chords are thinner and softer to take the extra mile in talking. Am I wrong ladies? Is just passed on from their own moms on how they interact with their own dads. "Missed you all day... How was work?... what's going on?....did you buy a new cologne Fred? What is that pack of condoms doing in your wallet?"


Men feel insecure and annoyed by a wife who doesn't get them. Is easier to look for a cheating partner and let those frustrating feelings out. "Oh Fred, why you didn't tell me before! I went to school for Psychology... never mind, forget it!"


It's always been said, 'men are always in charge and in control.' Who wants to change this double standard society? Who in their right mind would let his wife to go back to College for a higher income than their husbands?

Is not me, is just how 'life' has shaped up our ways. Unless Michelle Obama turns the cake over and send all our congressmen to wash the dishes...huh? April fools!!


Men love sports and excitement. The meeting with our caveman sooner or later will happen. Some just wait for that second time around. Danger is a feeling that gives men that adrenaline for more. Ever seen them happy when they told you that they wanted to smack their bosses around? Or just seen them speed up, when a red light is about to beat them. Whoa..!! What's the first thing men do when their favorite Football Team wins? Gimme those 'five' man!! pass me that beer Buddy!


Going back in time, Men were in charge of bringing the everyday food, meaning hunting and gathering. Women were always watching for their own off springs. Generation and generations going from this Homo-Sapien Erectus up to our regular Deer hunter, men love to go out and find a new prey. Lions still do. "Fred, you are just such a macho and egocentric ###, and good for nothing....huhhh! you make me sick. Mom was right!!"


According to a study made by Dr. Santagati, 'men love to be with as many women as they can'. No matter what, even if you were Tiger Woods' wife, even if you were the most beautiful woman to him. He will drift away. Ever heard to a woman say, 'is a shame!, he left me for that trashy thing. Look at those stained teethes, they deserve each other' "Come on Fred!, what kind of excuse is this? In that case, we women should go out with as many partners as we can.... no, no, shut up!. And have the nerve to call us nymphos or trashy whores!! I'm about to shovel those condoms up your double standard assets"


For men, sex and love are 2 different things. "I can love my wife but still have sex with women". If men separate these two guilt free assumptions in their head, Girl! you are in trouble. Men do not measure up the consequences after all.

Ever seen politicians apologize to their wives on TV for the damage they caused to their families? I can go to that view of Jimmy Swaggart's pathetic words, 'I have sinned!!' Only if they are caught, the Arnolds, the Woods, the Spitzers will come out with their tails between their legs. "When this Mayor will be caught Fred?"


And because we can. Internet, power, money and status, all at our fingertips. Women look for it and unfortunately we men are an endangered species; an almost extinct animal. "Oh my God!, Freddy...! No wonder there are 7 women for 1 man as I heard it on Oprah and Doctor Phil. I feel so sorry for my daughters!"


Let's face it!, men are more sexual than women. Women want to feel loved before thinking about sex. So men have to slow it down for them. Other just don't bother, they go shopping like women do it at the mall. "Well, Freddy. I changed my mind. I'd rather be a nympho"

Most likely 60 % of men will cheat...yes they will!. And 70 or 80% of women will never find out or will look the other way. The word is out: Half of those men with values ( like your father's type..yeah!) are taken.

A third of that 50% has a feminine side that has been calling them up for years. See? they didn't get married yet. The other 25% left are still looking and overwhelmed. "Plenty of fish Fred!!"


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