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We Melt as Only True Lovers Can: An Essential Poem of Real Love

Updated on May 22, 2013

Some see only a blurred image.


What it is to just fit

We Melt as Only True Lovers Can, is about great love and for great lovers, what it is to be completely absorbed in their love, a love that 'fits.'

There is a state of being that has been described by lovers, poets and writers, for hundreds of years. It is a state of being that, for most people, will never be reached. I am not referring to finding or falling in love based on the chemical, material, spiritual, physical or emotional attributes of, or attractions to someone; even though the greatest percentage of relationships are built on some of those attributes. I am referring to a far, far greater love than that. The kind of attraction in which you will become completely addicted to your lover. History has told of such great loves throughout time. The total immersion of souls into a complete 'oneness' with each other, has even gone so far as to start wars.

Great Love. If you are lucky enough to find it or more to the point, be found by it, then ride it and ride it, as if it is a surfer's greatest wave and it is the last and longest ride. I hope you are beginning to understand what I mean. Follow the heartbeat, without doubt or other influence. It is the greatest wave that you will ride, so don't miss it. If you do, then you will miss truly finding yourself and what it means for lovers to completely fit together, like never before. People view 'love' differently, until they actually experience a different love, like the great love described in the poem below.

Please Enjoy 'We Melt as Only True Lovers Can.' A poem written for all great lovers who know and can celebrate this amazing state of being. May it come to you one day.

Copyright © 2011 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved

Some can only ever see life after love has left their world empty.

x-ray of where love has been.
x-ray of where love has been. | Source

No hearts could survive alone.

I want, I will be.
I want, I will be. | Source
Seduced. | Source

‘We Melt....

As Only True Lovers Can’

I want to quietly seduce you

from within the embers of my soul

as only true lovers can

Take in a lifetime’s heat, these words

while they smolder before the dawn

Take in my love, my all

for I know that I am home

when we melt in this embrace


Take all anticipation, burning lips, desire

as only true lovers can

share crystal dew before the dawn

Let me hold this moment, your breath

flows throughout all time

with hearts beating welcome

to first slivers of golden light

and birdsong; gives news of this love


The orb spider has long cast his nets

diligently tending to favorite harbor sounds

Salty comings and goings sway to our news

of glistening beads of lovers, damp warmth

Fishing for the promise of a breath caught

as only true lovers can, we taste our thoughts

and they smolder to flame once more

while you ask the spider to look away


So tell me, will we always spark

the embers deep within our souls

as only we true lovers can?

Here I live within your love, your all

stay to ride a feeling to the shores of evermore

no skies can ever restrain this passion so

On the edge of where no heart could ever survive, alone

great love forged within such timeless embers, is born

In great love, heartbeats merge, a spider plans

when we melt, as only true lovers can...

Te Amo - I Love You


* Poetry by Pearldiver *

Copyright © 2011 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved

There is no love too small in this world, when there is a spark.

Some have great love for tiny shells.
Some have great love for tiny shells. | Source

Great Love Seeks the Great Lover Within.

Great Lovers don't need to communicate in the usual ways. They just know, they just think as one and they love with a passion and energy that could melt the world. You do not seek such love, it seeks you. Desire and believe, but do not seek to find it, as it is an elusive love and will only be attracted to one who believes, is positive and confident and is prepared to give more than they expect to receive. True Love; I hope that it finds you, as it often does exactly that when you least expect it. Be prepared, as you will not get a hurricane warning.

Copyright © 2011 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved

I hope that you enjoyed 'We Melt as Only True Lovers Can.' by Pearldiver.

If so; please take the time to mark this work below. Wax your board and believe.


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