The Secret what most men love about Woman!

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    farahnaazzposted 5 years ago

    The Secret of What Most Men Love About Women!!!

    Men Are From Mars Women Are from Venus!
    Its True Men and Women are completely different from each other! They are opposite and total contrast from one another!
    Many Women Are unaware of the secret what most men Love About Women!
    We Women are duffers to think that if we adorn ourselves in that fashionable gown or wear fancy dresses men are going to love us!
    We are dumb to think that if we do all pretty make overs and Make lovely hair styles men are going to love us
    Wrong they will just get attracted with outer beauty but don’t love it!
    Love is something very great! It is almost a Divine feeling of devotion which a Man feels inside him when he love a Women!
    Some women are in wrong famy they think that liveliness innocence and childlikeness grabs attention and conquers the heart of a Man!
    It only looks good in a fairytales but not in reality!
    Men don’t only gets attracted with these qualities before marriage but after marriage they need a matured life partner on whom he can trust and rely! He Needs  a partner on whom he can put all the responsibility of home and children and go to office with a relief and belief that his wife will takecare of all the matters at home!
    Liveliness and childlikeness are considered foolishness after marriage!
    Innocence is not needed sensibility is needed and expected!
    So what is that secret which most Men Love just love overwhelmingly About Women!
    Answer is
    Men Love Angelic women!
    A Women who is sensible, Feminine, Honest, Trustworthy, Matured and Reliable!
    Men Love Women who are HUMOANGEL means alomost like Angels in a human form!
    Women think that if we wear that sexy outfit and cook his favorite dish her Man will love her but its not so ! Sometimes A good genuine and kind smile from a women can melt a mans heart!
    Making A Man to love you is not so easy !
    It’s the hardest thing to do but once he starts loving you
    Making A man to hate you will be the hardest thing to do!
    Cooking his favorite dish, cleaning kitchen and making a home look like 5 star hotel can only impress and please him for a short time!I
    The most funny part about it is the next day we find the kitchen untidy again and again we need to cook there!
    Making marriage successful is a continuous cycle of diligence!
    And when Women does her job perfectly talks sensibly and acquires a lovely Angelic character no one can stop a man from loving such kind of a women!
    What Men Hate most About Women is dishonesty and What men love most About Women Is Honesty a total opposite of dishonesty!
    Many Women complain That their Husband don’t listen to her and does not share any problem with her  The real reason of why he wont listen and share is , he cant trust her and rely on her! Women should accept this challenge that she needs to Win the Heart of a Man!
    Above All Women live to get love and love is all her life
    Where as for Men Love is just a part of life

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    Mesha Minnermanposted 5 years ago

    Good advice and I recently read Steve Harvey be a lady think like a's awesome