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    ikejrposted 5 years ago

    I never understand when some people claim to be afraid of commitment. The word has lost meaning to today's generation. A generation where young teens have multiple relationship partners trying to find "the one", or you hear people say " I  love him/her but I am not in love with him/her". Or one that always made me wonder "we are friends with benefits" ( what does that even mean). People are quick to express lust (which in most cases interpreted as love at the moment) which does not last or stand adversity. You see young people deliberately getting pregnant with someone they don't intend to marry because he/she may not be the " right one". Marriage is a blessed union and should be taken seriously and practically. ( we may define the terms of marriage in a different post). At the same time marriage is committing to another person for life. What people do not realise is coming together to have a child is a commitment you make to each other for life whether you like it of not. In our promiscuous endevours we end up making life long commitments to people we do not see as "the one" but talk negatively about marriage in the sense that it  is difficult to commit to one person. Why not spare yourself the pain and agony and just look to give yourself into a blessing so that yourself will also enjoy rather then give in to the desires that leave you attached and lonely and stressed.

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    nina64posted 5 years ago

    Hello ikejr, I couldn't agree with you more!!!!! It's truly sad to see so many young people losing out on a great relationship because they are afraid of commitment. When I think of the word "commitment", it means exactly what it says. Commitment is loving someone for "life". It means giving your all to that one person that you love. I will admit that you go through ups and downs in a committed relationship and it is not easy to deal with some issues. I've heard of too many stories of young couples breaking up over silly issues because they are too stubborn to stay and work out their problems. Unlike the couples of older generations, it seems as if the young folks of today really don't care about the person they say that they love. It's much easier for them to just walk away and start over with someone new. I agree with you when you said that marriage is a sacred union between two people and should be taken seriously. In today's world, it seems that marriage is nothing more than a joke. As for children being born out of wedlock, it's truly sad to see some young couples bringing children into the world. They think that these children are nothing more than a paycheck. My heart truly goes out to the young people of today.

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    ikejrposted 5 years ago

    Hey Nina64, thanks for your input. I do agree with you. I always wish the younger generation understood what it means to love. People sleep with each other after the first or second date because they are in "love". At that point the mystery of the height of affection supposed to make the bond or relationship stronger is honestly gone so early in the relationship. Thanks for your words.

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    Tusitala Tomposted 5 years ago

    When my wife and I married fifty-two years ago I certainly wasn't 'in love.'   I'd been through all the pain and anguish of that scenario at an earlier stage with another young lady.  Yet, despite this not 'being in love' I made a commitment at the altar - not to my wife, or anyone other than myself - the resolve, the decision to carry it through was a personal thing unto me.   I knew it was a sacred vow and despite the ups and downs, the good things and the bad, we're still together after producing three children (and four grandchildren)

    As I look back over my life as a relatively old man (76) I know that I can hold my head up high that I didn't 'throw it in,' or 'walk out' when things weren't going smoothly.    They probably weren't meant to.   How do we ever grow and learn if there are no challenges?

    Commitment?    We make it to our own Highest Self.

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      nina64posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hello Tusitala Tom, your words ring so true with emotion and brings tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for you and your wife for sharing so many years of love and commitment to each other. That's what marriage is all about and it's too bad that the younger generations are missing out on such a fulfilling journey in their own lives. Be blessed.