How to move on

  1. benashiraz profile image72
    benashirazposted 4 years ago

    I agree, it's hard to move on with your life and continue doing the things that you'd normally do. But when you're dumped very bad by the person that you trusted for the whole of 4 years of your relationship, what do you do then? How do you tend to move on. It's very hard to move on when the person who dumps you, you're so loyal to them that you do almost everything that person asks you to. How to move on ?

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    lolaestrellaposted 4 years ago

    Hi sweetie,

    How are you doing now? I hope you're feeling a lot better. Yes, it's painful dear. But, isn't it the beauty of being human? We feel love and pain. And then, we learn to love again. I had a lot of breakups, tons of feeling like a piece of crap, cried myself to sleep for countless nights... those days were extremely heart breaking. You feel like your world has crushed.

    What should you do? You get up. Tell yourself that the world is only trying to knock you down. Every minute you spend thinking about the failure of your relationship, you wasted a chance of being someone fabulous. Smile, sweetheart. There are other bigger problems in this world and you should be glad that your problem is simply an ending of a relationship. It's better to break up now, then getting married and divorced.

    There are people in this world, on their deathbed - of incurable diseases like cancer - they wish they have your life. They don't mind a heartbreak or two. Cherish your moment, your youth, your health. Stop being grim. Get up. Each day, by each person you're meeting, you're getting closer to meeting the ONE. Good luck!~

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      simpleromaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Hello benashiraz,

      How are you nowadays? I hope you are getting better now. One of my article is about helping yourself forget or let go of your past relationship, it might be helpful in your case assuming that you are still in the stage of healing or forgetting. I hope you gather all the strength that you need to heal and cope this one painful chapter of your life. Take care.