Name your childhood friend? Or current friend or best friend?

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    reserve27posted 4 years ago

    What are your friend or best friend best qualities?

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      jbpick1posted 3 years ago in reply to this

      Since I have 3 loving, compassionate and true blue best friends, it  is hard to choose so I will begin with my childhood friend Harriet.  She is funny, always there for me and visa versa.  We never have to speak a word but just one look in each others eyes (now its difficult with myself living in Florida and she in NY) but I can feel what she is thinking just on FB.
      Second best friend that I met in my previous gym where I used to live Jakie.  He is a live wire and has a warped sense of humor like myself.  If we have plans and he happens to pretend he is late when he is actually outside my door, he will pretend he overslept and can't make it. LOL.  He makes both me and my husband Bill laugh uncontrollably but let me tell you something; he is always there for us either torrential rain or hurricanes, or helping us move.   Would not trade Jake for anyone as he is the best.
      Sandy is a sweetheart and I met her in bereavement class after my mom passed and her loving husband passed suddenly.  Not only does she have a heart of gold (well maybe Platinum).  Fun to be with, kind, love spending quality time with her whether it is movies, dining out (our favorite), or just walking around.  She is organized just like my mom was and so pretty in a Goldie Hawn way.   I love her because she is not a phony and true blue. She is another friend like Harriet that I consider my sister.
      Finally there is My Tracey who is spunky, a real firecracker keeps me on my toes. As my mom would say "full of piss and vinegar" and so loveable.  We share what life has to offer whether it is good, bad or ugly, we share it.  I met her through our demos and so glad as I cherish this girl to pieces.  She is the peanut butter to my chocolate.
      My husband Bill is of course the light of my life as he was and still is the bestest friend ever.  Not just a husband, but great boyfriend, snuggle bunny whenever it gets cold in Florida.  I know you will ask "It gets cold in Florida? Huh? Well it does and there is nobody I would want more than him.  Moreover he is handsome, dimples, blue eyes, no drugs, he is what I prayed to meet! 
      Well that is my description of all my friends and I couldn't be happier!
      Jane P.