love or family.?

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    rnmajestyposted 3 years ago a filipina and it happen to be that im in a relationship with an indian guy...we've been together for one year..we've met in the same workplace..everything is going smoothly until one day he told me that his family found already a girl(indian girl) whom he will shocked actually i cnt accept!its took him courage to say it to me that his family already made a formality on the girl's family...the thing is he doesnt want to get marry but his family want it bcoz the reason is his mother is already tired on housework..i cnt believe it really...just like that,i mean i cn understand but marriage is the solution??its hard really..we talked and he said he will try his best to do something bcoz i told him i cnt see him with another woman...days pass he cut the communication i tried everything to reach him out but nothing happens...and i dnt knw wat happen to him i try to convice myself but i think its foolish to do it..until i recieve a message he's asking for forgiveness and sorry bcoz of wat angry with him..thats why i ask wat is happening but he kept on silent..i love him so much and i dnt knw how to face the future without so depressed i dnt knw wat wil i to share some advice?

    should i give him up without fighting??
    thanks for the advice guys in advance....