Ladies and girls has the supreme power of healing.

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    buddhaanalysisposted 3 years ago

    I was just thinking that girls or ladies are just good at one thing and that is gossip. I had developed many assumptions about ladies that they are chaotic. It does not mean that i admire male gender. I also dislike some behavior of men or boys....

    Today i got my tooth treatment from lady dentist. I had severe injury to my teeth due to stone which i chewed during my meal. There was serious problem as some part  of my teeth was opened. and inner layer was visible. I was scared and felt very disappointed.

    When i got consultancy from that lady dentist. I felt very secure. I found that ladies are more good in nature..they have motherly figure which is most valuable thing in this world which i realized again after long time. Apart from this ladies are also very keen to succeed in career. They have all qualities. She treated my teeth and did all treatment very fine and now there is lot relief.

    Today, there is true progress in my spiritual sphere because i was being very sadistic about nature and gender biased. Now i learned to look life in positive manner.

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    limpetposted 3 years ago

    Women are by character 'nurturers' as they procreate offspring and rear their young. If the males learned earlier in life who actually is the superior gender there would not be the battle between the sexes. Meera Syal is one example of an inspiration for women's reaching to the top. Ms Syal multi talented in drama, journalism and author of numerous novels with a feminist theme. Ms Syal has started a family of her own. Another role model for girls is the inimitable Zoella who as a young lady fashionista and entreprenuer promoting cosmetics, clothing and accessories online, Zoella is certainly going places.