Chasing the wind

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    MsKenzieBayBeeposted 2 years ago

    Love is one of those things wanted so bad that the signs of lust and infatuation are often blind sighting. I'm not even sure if I've ever really had it and I'm chasing that high or my heart is longing for something it would just like to experience once.
    I don't mean the love you receive from your mom or dad siblings and friends, I mean that love that touches the pit of your stomach and keeps it full not allowing you to eat when that person is away to long, or when there was a misunderstanding between the two of you and the only thoughts that occupy your mind are the ones that will bring y'all back together, the thought of hurting the one person that all you ever could imagine doing was to make smile,laugh, moan, and giggle fills you with more guilt then shooting a man down. The moments when you go shopping and everything on the shelf reminds you of them so you buy it all just to let them know they were on your mind. The way your body responds to their touch, and sounds and taste, and smells as if they have taken over your entire senses as a person to live for them. When you just want to do better out of fear of disappointing the one that you desire to make proud, that out of a million good jobs, and congratulations you hear the only one that matters is from that one person who you succeeded for so they will always continue to see the good in you and acknowledge the fact that they have a gift as great as someone who feels all these things for them, and in return a unselfish love will be built where its not all about "ME" as the world encourages us to believe its about "US".... the both of you.