What do you do to keep a positive attitude everyday?

  1. Breeana Gardipee profile image68
    Breeana Gardipeeposted 23 months ago

    It is hard for some of us to love ourselves as we are, and to stay positive.  Those of us suffering with depression and anxiety are always the hardest on ourselves.  We believe that we won't amount to anything and every time we look into the mirror, we see disappointment.

    I am apart of a self love group, but I have been thinking about starting my own group.  I want people to be able to go to a place where they feel safe to talk about body image, and life events, and anything else in between. 

    What does everyone do to help themselves love themselves? I want help, so I can make a group wonderful and efficient.

  2. writerjay profile image69
    writerjayposted 23 months ago

    I am 70. for years I felt like I wasn't enough for anyone, including myself. Writing has been a rescue. I didn't know it would become so important to me being me.

    Now, for me. I start my day with a "Thank You Jesus for another day," COFFEE, a must have just because I want it, and opening my curtains to let the sun or cloudy day in. I learned a long time ago, that if I don't value me no one else would either. I went back to school (struggled), sing, sing, and sing some more. When I can smile at and with people it makes me content. I have found in this way, I get what I give out and often others give me so much more in talk, smiles and hugs through my day.

  3. Breeana Gardipee profile image68
    Breeana Gardipeeposted 23 months ago

    Writerjay, that is beautiful.  A lot of people have a hard time enjoying the little things in life.  The little things are what matters.  People take living just for granted too.  We need to have more support for people who don't want to live or love themselves.