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How does a couple go about planning a destination wedding?

  1. travelhuni profile image60
    travelhuniposted 8 years ago

    How does a couple go about planning a destination wedding?

    I am launching a new site www.DestinationWeddingPlans.com and would like to fully understand the process (thinking/planning) process that they go through.

  2. mrsceo profile image59
    mrsceoposted 8 years ago

    As a virtual travel assistant and certified in destination weddings, the couple needs to find a place that can accommodate all their needs. Does the resort only cater to adults? How long before the actual wedding does the couple need to be on the island, etc.
    What are the amenities for the couple of 6 or more rooms are booked for the wedding?

    Some things are easier said than done...but it is exciting!

  3. Win2Win profile image59
    Win2Winposted 8 years ago

    You plan it the same way you plan a holiday, but in a more military way. However, no matter what the plans are something will go amiss!

    Weddings away from home are more complex, more variables, but keep the travel arrangements seperate from the wedding plans. Sort out the travel/accomodation for everyone, then concentrate just on the wedding.

    I've wrote a bit on Las Vegas weddings: http://hubpages.com/hub/So-You-Want-A-Las-Vegas-Wedding

  4. pendell2 profile image62
    pendell2posted 8 years ago

    If your last name ends in "feller",  "nderbilt,"  or "uffett," by all means send out invites, get a firm guest list, and provide travel and accomodations to your lucky guests.

         Otherwise, could I possibly convince you to reconsider your destination wedding?

         Are you trying to bankrupt your guests?

          Do you have any connection to this destination?

           Do your guests?

          If the locale is one that is meaningful to a large percentage of your guests, then go there the way that you all always have gone there in the past, nailing down travel and accomodations farther in advance than usual.

          If the locale has no connection to your shared life together of the lives of your guests, I beg you to at least consider one potential wedding location that does.

  5. Lady LaShonda profile image78
    Lady LaShondaposted 7 years ago


    Hire me for Destination Atlantic City Wedding for all elopements.

    Currently accepting bookings for May-June 2010 Elopements. See http://hubpages.com/hub/Atlantic-City-D … ng-Package for pricing and details.

  6. chasemillis profile image69
    chasemillisposted 6 years ago

    O gosh, I did this for a HS project. If you don't plan activities or things to do, then you will spend the first day or two trying to figure that out. So it's best to research what things you want to do and then figure out the travel time, etc...There's a lot you can do, but you don't need to over-think it. And plus, nothing is mandatory (from your list of fun stuff to do/places to eat).
    I don't have a significant other, but this is basically what my teacher told me about it
    I thought cruises would be an easy option, but then you have to figure out things to do at EACH place you visit.
    Either way, I still think it's fun to look up fun things to do on a vacation. Hope this helps