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What do 40 yr old men like in women?

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    lopez 82posted 8 years ago

    What do 40 yr old men like in women?

    I want to know what a 40 year old men is interested in, what he like's in a female..

  2. Tamarii2 profile image61
    Tamarii2posted 8 years ago

    They like something of interest to them.That's personal because
    everyone likes different stuff................enjoying the journey peace.

  3. dmacman7 profile image58
    dmacman7posted 8 years ago

    To begin with They like what all men like Sex, but that aside, As we age we men have a need for a women that will allow us our freedom.

    As young men we are burdened with making a living, being there for the wife and kids, out time is completely consumed.

    At forty we want time for ourselves, to enjoy our hobbies, go to places and do things we haven't been able to.

    A good women will offer to share the travel and not turn it into something she wants. Men need the company of other men to let off steam, talk man talk, cuss, tell lies and be men.

    Give us this and we will love you until eternity.

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    sandy70posted 8 years ago

    Men at 40 look for sensitivity and maturity in women.
    Though it will vary, I would say companionship is sought after after you pass threshold of 40.

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