What does transgender mean to you?

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  1. Ms.Advice profile image61
    Ms.Adviceposted 12 years ago

    What does transgender mean to you?

    SHOULD TRANSGENDER PEOPLE BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST? And what are people affraid of when giving every one true equallity and protections from harassment, marriage, job protections excetera? I am wondering about this topic due to some recent news events and wondering what others thoughts are on this subject.

  2. rosey2k9 profile image58
    rosey2k9posted 12 years ago

    I don't think that transgender should be discrimanated against at all as they are still humans and they still bear the right to be treated with respect, everybody is different and everybody is entitled to their own opinions. Nobody is perfect and nobody has the right to judge anybody for their decisions they make in their own lives. People are afraid of rejection and weakness, they are afraid of giving everybody true equality and protections from harrassment and marriage in case it goes wrong in any way and they get blamed for it in some way. Strong beliefs such as Religion has alot to do with people being afraid of giving others equility,protections from harrassment,marriage,jobs and protection excetera. This is because everybody has different beliefs about how things should work and so not everybody will agree on certain things. This is why people are afraid of giving others these things, because they are afraid of rejection and weakness.

  3. Belle4bete profile image40
    Belle4beteposted 12 years ago

    I personally hate the terms Transgender, or Transsexual.

    I often correct people when the terms are applied to me, even by well meaning friends and acquaitances. I am simply a woman. Perhaps I was born with a birth defect, But I now am a woman in my body, my dress, my life, my work, my relatiomship, every part of me.

    Why should I, or any other human being, be discrimnated against for simply being who we are?

    The  Goddess obviously made me for a reason... Who is another human to second guess that, or judge it?

  4. profile image48
    edwardiposted 12 years ago

    i live it everyday and feel i am just trying to be me. i can't help my feelings as i had these feelings since i was 5 years old and had this intense need to wear girl's clothes from that early age and wear women's clothes every day. i am a male and married with a son and very happy. i do still feel like a woman inside but try my best to live as a guy though it feels weird to me as i am always sneaking wearing womens clothing secretly in private or underdressing by wearing pretty dresses underneath my male clothing. i can't help who i am. i feel we are people and if i could wear a dress in public without fear or ridicule or discrimination i certainly would. the painful reality is this will never happen in my lifetime and my sad reality is that when i am dead that is when i will reveal to the world my transgender by wearing a dress as then i won't care what others think but it will be too late as i would never have experienced acceptance or had the opportunity to wear the clothes i truly wanted and needed to when i was alive. so very sad!

  5. agoosetow profile image61
    agoosetowposted 11 years ago

    I really dislike the term transsexual, to be honest, because it carries a lot of negative connotations. (tranny, ladyboy, etc.)

    However, I believe transgender is a perfectly legitimate term. My psychological gender (feeling that I am female) does not match my biological gender. I am not cisgendered. I definitely always felt that I was more female than male, and anything about "being a man" annoyed me.

    I honestly just felt that being a man sucked. I was never comfortable with it, and always had this strong desire to be a girl. Now that I'm trying to live that dream, I feel a lot better, and it's like a wool's been pulled over my eyes, but I'm still very alone. I can understand it, since I have to give my friends time, but it still sucks very much.

    I just want to have a connection with somebody - anybody, that would understand me and love me for who I am. Thats all I want. A connection with someone.

  6. otkboots profile image59
    otkbootsposted 11 years ago

    No more than any other birth defect (which should be none!).  Giving equallity and protections to "special" cases could lead to a plethora of not-so-legitimate claims.  However, the Gay, Lesbian and Bi community have made great strides towards the institution of rights and protections under the law.  It is becoming more widely accepted that transgenderism IS a medical condition and should be treated as such under health care plans (some insurers do).  Unfortunately there are those who feel that transgenderism is a mental health disorder and is treatable through therapy.  This approach has been proven to be wrong more times than not.  Discrimination in any form cannot be tolerated.  One should not be denied employment, insurance, financial loans, etc. unless there has been an attempt to deceive.  Being open and honest can be risky but you'll know where you stand with others.  If a person can't accept you for what and who you are,  that's their problem.  It is their fear and ignorance that they should overcome.  It is up to us to educate those who know little or northing about being transgendered.  Keep in mind that there are closed-minded people who refuse to listen no matter how you present your case.


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