Wedding Vases

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    Wedding Vases

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    The kind of reception a couple has is coordinated with the style of the wedding. One of the trends is a vintage wedding. Many variations are possible:  Very formal, formal, semi-formal or informal. The size, formality and atmosphere should reflect... read more

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    animerevoltposted 7 years ago

    Well I myself am single and have never been married.So I don't know much about vases.But if your trying to do something in the same style of you wedding you might want to try doing a do it your craft kind of thing.That way its more personal.

    Like on the website better homes and graders they have ideas for crafts and for weddings such as invitations.And so on you might want to try looking for something from a craft store and putting the bride and grooms first names on them.Find some clear glass ones and add the frosted look on top and put the bride and grooms first names on it.and add like some of thous polished flat stones with word like.Love,eternal and stuff based on marriage.

    That would look kind of pretty I think you can get thous stones in white with silver or gold text on them.And then add some white ribbon around the bottom or top of the vase with your married name around it.

    After all what goes better at a wedding then clean crystal or glass and white as well as words of inspiration.

    and if you craft them your self it will be done with love and made cheap.After all weddings them self take a lot of money now days.

    Good luck and God Bless.