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Why do I get so jealous of my partner having female friends and how can I get ov

  1. Countess Batula profile image59
    Countess Batulaposted 8 years ago

    Why do I get so jealous of my partner having female friends and how can I get over this problem??

  2. pippap profile image87
    pippapposted 8 years ago

    Jealousy of this kind usually stems from a low opinion of one's self.  For whatever reason, you don't believe that you are worthy enough for this partner; and, that other females will appear to be more desireable to him than you.

    It would appear that you have an inferiority complex believing that others are more worthy than you, they deserve happiness more than you; and, that good things don't happen to people like you.

    Been there!  Always remember that you are worthy - you are just as worthy as any other person on the face of the planet.  You deserve good things to happen to you and; most of all, you deserve happiness.  Work on your self-respect, you deserve to attract good things and good people.

  3. fireball* profile image60
    fireball*posted 8 years ago

    This is a sign of self inferiority and lack of trust to your partner.Trust is very important in a relationship,it could be your partner don't show enough for you to trust him.
    You can get over this by starting to have more faith in yourself.Believe in your partner.Trust him with out second thoughts.Always give him the benefit of the doubts.Communication also very important,tell your partner how you feel,and don't always assume.Hiding your feelings can't help you but make things worst,better let it out and know what your partner's feeling about this.

  4. Bieberella profile image56
    Bieberellaposted 8 years ago

    You get jealous because he's giving them more attention than you!
    You should be No. 1, and if you don't feel No. 1, you will feel threatened by the time he spends with the others.

  5. andromida profile image63
    andromidaposted 8 years ago

    I think this kind of feeling comes when you love someone very much and at the same have kind of feeling of losing him. In fact, sometimes insecurity also give you this kind of feeling and this is natural. Develop more trust for your partner and have more confidence on you because you are simply the best for your partner-why- because right now you have this kind of jealous feeling.

  6. kelkel7 profile image55
    kelkel7posted 7 years ago

    How many female friends? I'm sorry but this is a little fishy no pun intended. Girls are scandalous and guy's like the fact that there are girls around just in case they need to sleep with them, or if there current relationship does not work out.

    I am not saying he doesn't love you or care about you. But there is a difference between healthy friendships and not. Ask yourself these questions.

    Are these girls nice to you?

    Do these girls pretend your not there in front of your boyfriend?

    Does your boyfriend lock his phone or talk to his "friends" only when you out of the room?

    Have any of these women had sex with your boyfriend?

    How many times a day or week does he use facebook, myspace etc. to contact them?

    Would he be cool with you having just as many guy friends?

    Humans (especially women) are born with a strong gut instinct. Your not crazy. Something in your body is turning on the fire alarm. I personally wouldn't be cool with it, especially if my gut was telling me something.

    People can say "your just jealous" all day long, but the truth is if your heart, mind, and gut were telling you this is ok then you wouldn't be paranoid. Life is short.

    Follow your gut we were born with one for a reason.

    All this "la di da da" denial about saying it's normal to feel like that is bull shit.

    It's not normal for your boyfriend to have a string of girls that are his friends if it worries you.

    Good Luck!
    Don't Ignore your suspisions about this or anything else. We have one life to live don't waste time.

  7. RGNestle profile image83
    RGNestleposted 7 years ago

    Are the female friends your friends also? Is he seeing these friends without you being present? Is he hiding things from you?
    You want to understand what is making you feel jealous before you can decide if you should feel jealous or not.
    A mate should never be seeing someone of the opposite sex without having others present and should not take time away from your relationship (such at being at home and talking with the female friend(s) on the phone or on-line while you sit there, basically alone in the same room). If he is, you SHOULD be jealous. It's not right.
    But if he is not seeing these female friends behind your back, and he properly keeps to groups when he does see them, you may have no reason to be concerned.
    The first and best thing is to sit down with him and express your feelings and concerns. When you talk it out, it may seem like nothing at all.
    All the best to you.