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why do boys NOT have to go through PMS..? are we the only ones CURSED? :(

  1. FairyCharm profile image56
    FairyCharmposted 8 years ago

    why do boys NOT have to go through PMS..? are we the only ones CURSED? sad

    Boys just don't understand what it feels like to wake up with serious cramps and have to get up from that warm bed at 6 a.m. to put on tight jeans over a bloated belly so you can go do fractionals in homeroom. The question is: WHY US AND NOT THEM???? sad

  2. kev8 profile image70
    kev8posted 8 years ago

    I have no idea but good question. I almost feel guilty about it sometimes!

  3. pippap profile image86
    pippapposted 8 years ago

    Boys also don't ever get to feel a brand new life growing inside their bodies; the closeness you feel for someone you haven't even met yet; the thrill of childbirth; the wonder of new little life suckling your breast.  Sometimes, I feel they were the ones cheated.

  4. Genesis profile image60
    Genesisposted 7 years ago

    Well they do have to deal with all the emotions that we girls put out so maybe it's an even balance??... plus they eventually go bald, and we're less likely to! ;0) *not meant to be mean to bald men at all*

  5. Jaynie2000 profile image92
    Jaynie2000posted 6 years ago

    Well, assuming you have a "boy" in your life, I'm sure he does have to go through it if you're experiencing it when you're together. There's no way for a woman to have PMS and not affect all those around her.

    But I'm sure you mean, why do they not have to endure the physical symptoms that we do. The answer is simple biology. PMS is related to hormonal imbalances that accompany menstruation. Boys don't have ovaries, huge amounts of estrogen and other biological and physiological elements that women have, which conspire to cause our PMS symptoms. These are all the things which make us uniquely female and make it possible for us to have the things we do appreciate such as fuller breasts, curvaceous hips, soft skin, and the ability to have babies. PMS is the price some women pay for the right to be uniquely feminine. It is unfortunate, but completely worth it.

  6. smcopywrite profile image26
    smcopywriteposted 6 years ago

    according to the bible, yes. we are cursed as a result of what happened in the garden of eden.
    men couldnt take it. imagine, you will have to do this maybe for the next 40 years. they can barely take a hangnail and a cold. imagine how strong you are as a woman having to go through all of this. imagine how strong and beautiful your body is that it can do this in order to prepare each month to release and egg..
    pms sucks for sure. however, pregnancy sucks worse. you can get rid of the pms by getting pregnant. otherwise, you can make it. there is comfort in knowing that you are not alone. hang in there.