what should i do with my relationship?

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    Adam9312posted 8 years ago

    what should i do with my relationship?

    ok. i meet this girl and see her 3 times in a week before i go on vacation. seemed she wanted to hang with me cause she asked a lot. i kissed her and cuddled. she textes me all the time during vacation talking about how much she loves me and talking about hanging out asap when i get back. i get back and she never askes to hang out. I asked her a lot to hang and she always says " i cant" we have gone a month since i got back and seen her only 2 times. 1st, 2 weeks after i got back to a quick basketball game. 2) her house fer 5 minuites. what should i do to fix this er not?

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    GoGrannyposted 8 years ago

    Don't force the issue. If she doesn't want to see you then you must let her go. Maybe she had time to reconsider her actions and feelings while you were gone. Maybe she feels things went too fast and she changed her mind. Maybe she started seeing someone else and is 'in love' with him. Obviously she wasn't serious about you, or mature enough to explain the change in her behavior... seems like you will be better off without her rude let downs.

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    notnebsposted 7 years ago

    ok, you see her a few times then leave for vacation and while you are gone she tells you she loves you?  Back off-what kind of person tells someone they barely know that they love them?  Leave it lie and find someone who is not so fickle