Why do girls argue with other girls?

  1. unknownmind97 profile image55
    unknownmind97posted 8 years ago

    Why do girls argue with other girls?

    my one best friend, claire,  just found out the guys she liked, likes her too. And now my one friend who just broke up the same guy, that likes claire, is now mad at her and me. but i didn't do anything at all, and claire didn't know that he was her boyfriend.

  2. khood1357 profile image62
    khood1357posted 8 years ago

    Girls usually argue with other girls out of jealousy. Your friend is probably upset with the guy that she was dating because he broke up with her so she is taking it out on you and Claire. Let her know your stance on the situation and give her time to vent. If she is a true friend, she will come around in a week or so.

  3. stricktlydating profile image82
    stricktlydatingposted 8 years ago

    She's clearly mad and you and your other friend Claire because of her relationship ending with the same guy Claire likes (and because her ex likes her too).  It can cause complications in female relationships when one guy is/has dated more than one girl amongst a group of girlfriends. Just think how you might feel if another friend of yours started dating your ex?  In cases like this, it's better to put your friends feelings first because the guys can come and go.