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If You Caught Your Woman Red-Handed Cheating On You, Would You Forgive Her?

  1. ngureco profile image83
    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    If You Caught Your Woman Red-Handed Cheating On You, Would You Forgive Her?

  2. yur fav enemy<3 profile image51
    yur fav enemy<3posted 8 years ago

    well i definatly think that goes with the territory. it makes a difference if shes cheating with some random man or someone whos known by the husband or even possibly in the family. if the love can stay strong and you both can look past it then forgiving is good. but remember, there is no such thing as a relationship without trust!

  3. Rozzy88 profile image60
    Rozzy88posted 7 years ago

    I think that is entirely up to you. Unfortunately, I can't give you the right answer. Only you know what's right. Do you believe she'll never do it again? You did not really give many details about the situation. I do not believe cheating is ok under any circumstances, however, I do believe in second chances. Before my husband and I got married, he cheated on me. It took a lot of effort from both of us, but I decided to give him a second chance. As far as I know, he hasn't done it since. The trust is not fully repaired, but it's getting better every day. However, after taking some time to really think, and review my circumstances, I felt like he deserved a second chance. These circumstances are different for each couple who endure this kind of situation. No one can tell you if it's right or wrong to stay with her, if that is what you so choose.

  4. desperatejourna profile image59
    desperatejournaposted 7 years ago

    If the marriage was already on a downward spiral then, there is more to the story than cheating. Marriage is like a business, success depends on how much effort you put into it. If you are not servicing your clients correctly, they will go somewhere else.

    Forgive or not to forgive depends on a few things :
    Is she willing to come back and end the relationship?
    Was it is partly your fault? (mostly yes)
    Do you have children?
    Can you afford not to forgive?
    Why would you want to forgive?

  5. Dark knight rides profile image74
    Dark knight ridesposted 7 years ago

    Always forgive, never forget. Even if you stay in the relationship, which I probably wouldn't, the best predictor of future behavior is the past. While I may forgive, I would be more cautious about things, and probably more suspicious. To me, its better to leave and let her live how she chooses than to live with constant suspicion in mind.