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I'm a crossdresser and when i dress up it dose not have to be all the way but a

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    dewme332posted 8 years ago

    I'm  a crossdresser and when i dress up it dose not have to be all the way but any how i get...

    trun on by naked men  why is that I'm not gay I love women I have been marred and my 1st wife left and my now wife was ok with my cross dressing but it got out of hand I thank but I tryed to talk to my wife but she wanted no part of it  so in the end she says I abuseed her some how help

  2. Challah1202 profile image59
    Challah1202posted 8 years ago

    I have known some men who crossed-dressed, but they did not do very well.  I think this is not a lifestyle that many people are comfortable with.  Sexual orientation is not the only criteria for marriage.  It sounds like you may be a person who will not find marriage supportive.  You seem to have a constant barrier to intimacy and cooperation.  Have you ever gotten counseling or confided in anyone about your difficulties?  It might be worth you time.

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    blake4dposted 8 years ago

    Don't be in rush to define something so generally. It took you a while to come to these conclusions, so take time before confirming anything as an overall lifestyle choice. It is worth taking the time no matter what your sexual orientation.

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    Eli-Ane Phillips-posted 8 years ago

    The answer you are looking for can only come from you, no one else.  I am sorry for your breakup but I must say, I do believe in destiny and some things are just not meant to be.  Good Luck.

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    pauls_boatposted 7 years ago

    most women do not like it if there partner is a crossdresser but i find that it is the women who say they have no problem with people who crossdress.
    i wear girls clothes most of the time i do not try to pass as a women i am not out to confuse people what my gender is when asked why i crossdress i tell them i just like skirts and dresses more then shorts and pants.

    a crossdresser does not try to pass as a woman that is a transvestite they want to appear to everyone they meet as a woman ( or man if female)
    it is time you decided what it is you want out of crossdressing to just be a man wearing clothes of the opersit sex or some one who wants to be accepted as the opersit sex, if the second type of person then you have crossed over from a crossdresser to a transvestite / transexual.

    if you cannot stop wearing the clothes of a female then as soon as you start a relationship you must tell the other person that you are a crossdresser/transvestite/transexual it i s not a good idea to hide it then bring it out later in the relationship as the other person will think what else have you been hiding/lying about.

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    GaeHallposted 7 years ago

    Dewme332,  Both your wives feel threatened by your cross-dressing because they had an expectation that you were a man were secure in your manhood when they married you.  Almost every wife has an expectation that her husband will be a man, act like a man, and remain as a man.  Cross-dressing violates this often unexpressed expectation.

    Cross-dressing is a bandaid, a crutch that is used to fill a void in your life.  I recommend that you find a counsellor, one who will not permit you to hide behind the crutch of cross-dressing but will instead delve into why you feel the need to cross-dress and what you can do to overcome its urges.

    Until you successfully overcome this desire, just as others have overcome other addictions, I recommend you do not pursue a relationship.  It will only end in heart ache and pain for both of you.

    If either of your wives would like to speak to a wife who has experienced this pain and abuse, please let them contact me at www.exposethelie.org

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    ShirleyConnorsposted 7 years ago

    Not all wives feel threatened by a crossdressing husband.  You need to come up with the times.  The biggest problem a wife has to accept their crossdressing husband is getting over the feelings of being kept in the dark so long about crossdressing.  If people would do some research they would find that men don't crossdress for something to do, it is something that happened to them at birth. Check out the psychiatry pages.   People would also find that there are suport groups for the husband and wife.  They will also find out that quite a few women support their husbands.  We are talking about crossdressing, not fetish dressing.  A real crossdresser dresses to relieve stress, and emulate Women for the better.  Transexuals also fit into that category, with some body modification.  Don't degrade people, for anything untill you have the facts.  I would rather share a night out with a GLBT(gay,lesbian,bi-sexual,transgendered) person anytime than a murderer, rapist, sex offender etc. In closing, crossdressers come in all walks of life, all colors, creeds, sizes and professions.  1 out of 7 crossdress.