In regards to your "The Beginning: How Long Should you Wait": How does a girl ge

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    Anonymous.CBHposted 7 years ago

    In regards to your "The Beginning: How Long Should you Wait": How does a girl get over a guy...

    when he does not ask her out? I am very selective about who I date so if I feel that 'initial spark' and fall for a guy, I fall hard and can't get back up. I am incapable of 'moving on'.

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    SpaceAgeposted 7 years ago

    despite what's said, each person varies. each person's very different, & each person copes differently. some ppl get over the other in a matter of wks/mos, whereas others may take yrs; maybe even a decade or so. in these cases, ppl get so tired of waiting & when fruitlessness occurs long enough, ppl do get tired & they make the hard decision of mutually shutting a door 4-ever, never 2 look back. it's awfully hard 2 give up when it's something u really wanted. taking that step is often the most dreaded thing 2 do when u'd sat on something 4 so very long & waited all that time; only 2 learn there's something on the other party's end preventing a reuniting. constantly prolonged fruitlessness is the hardest 2 deal w/ when u know inside this was originally meant 2 b. letting go of such a thing is the hardest b/c u get so tired of waiting when things change in yer life, & u MUST move on. when waiting on something that's just not happening is like waiting on a 'dead horse' & it becomes a 'dead weight' dragging u down. there IS a time 2 wait, & a time 2 move on when u know nothing will EVER happen due 2 the other party's choices. in this case, we're helpless 2 change them or the situations they're in. ALL we CAN do is cry our last tears, say our goodbyes, & move on. we ALL cope differently. we all wait different amts of time b4 moving on. the longer some 1 waits 4 the other, the more it shows that the 1 person KNOWS this was really meant 2 b. the longer the wait, the more likely this was probably meant by God. when we must move on, it's never really good 2 leave what we know was meant 2 b. all we can do is say good-bye & move on if constant fruitlessness on the part of the other party is evident. i learned from personal experience that what we give up/lose, we gain MORE/BETTER than we lost/forfeit