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how to seduce a woman?

  1. samitzzz profile image53
    samitzzzposted 7 years ago

    how to seduce a woman?

    if you are a man  and the girls and woman around you are giving enough attention to you, then you ought to find the ways in which a woman feel getting seduced.

  2. nadp profile image76
    nadpposted 7 years ago

    Listen to her.  A woman must be "seduced" by your showing genuine interest in her and the things that are important to her.   And being "charming" goes a long way to win over a woman.  Above all understand that being charming does NOT mean inuendos or ploys to seduce her into bed......women are much smarter than men give them credit for and can tell when this is all a man has on his mind - even if he thinks that he is being subtle.  If you are doing this and you think you are being subtle - take it from me, you're not!  Now I'm not unrealistic enough to think that sex ISN'T what a man has in mind - but you'll find that if you give a woman the kind of attention that women love, then you are more likely to get the "kind of attention" that you want.  Men have attempted to seduce me in various ways - but the only ones who have really gotten my attention are the ones who acted as I've described.

  3. Ramblas profile image55
    Ramblasposted 7 years ago

    1. Women like clean guys. The thing is that you have to be dressed well and smell good. Women like beaty things and they appriciate man is taking care of himself.

    2. Women like attention. You have to speak with women about things that they are interested for example ask from her in what kind of things she is interested in and then say that you are also interested in that thing and start to speak about it - use your imagination.

    3. Women like bad guys. Usually women want some action in their life. They donĀ“t care about shy guys. You have to have some action and you have to be alive.

    4. Women like suprises. Just do thing with her. Invite her to picknic, movies, restaurants, give her gifts..

    5. Women like money and looks. If you have money and looks you might get women pretty easily but if do not have anything else she will not love you. So you have to work at least on the things I mentioned above. There of course other things, but here are things from to start you jurney to become Don Juan.. smile

  4. Dhatri profile image56
    Dhatriposted 7 years ago

    A woman always wants care and love from a guy who loves , so love and care  is one thing which makes a woman fall in love .

    A guy should be a perfect man , who has a good character when things come in matter of other girls , she likes the way how he is , not reacting to how she desires , so be good and show love and care and be yourself what you have, to seduce a woman.