I feel like less than a woman

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  1. profile image51
    xxsandsxxposted 8 years ago

    I feel like less than a woman

    My partner doesn't seem interested in me as a woman anymore and he visits web pages full off wimen with huge boobs its not as if i have small boobs we never have sex i feel ugly and I've had children so I'm beginning to think my body is disgusting i feel like I'm going mad.

  2. northweststarr profile image81
    northweststarrposted 8 years ago

    Stretch marks, widened hips, bigger butt, all side affects of childbearing.  Ok, let me see.  Your partner has a pornography addiction?  Hmm do you like to go to the mall? Even when you don't have money, just window shopping?  Its about the same thing.  On the plus side if he's spending so much time on porn, he's not cheating on you.  Here's a rule of thumb for you on sex.  Every third time he initiates sex with you, you need to initiate it with him. Men need to feel desirable and sexy too.  If you don't have sex much it's because he thinks you don't want him.  Trust me.  You're not ugly.  You're the woman he married no matter how much cellulite you have now and with the candles lit and you laying out naked with that new bikini wax, he won't be able to control himself.

  3. Miss Info profile image81
    Miss Infoposted 8 years ago

    check out my hub "spectrum love" i love contraversy, so if you're going to leave a comment. it should make me think ; )

  4. beauitfulgirls profile image60
    beauitfulgirlsposted 8 years ago

    It's natural for you to feel that way. I'm a mother of two, but I know that my husband loves me no matter what. After my second child I weighed 180lbs a little under 5"3 in. I was consider obese. A lot of people made comments about me. People even said "What's he doing with her she's so ugly." That made me cry and determine to live a more healthy life style. I was just like you, didn't want to go anywhere. I stop going shopping because I was wearing a plus size. My point is if you are unhappy about yourself make a change. Only you can do it, but you have to be committed. My friends would tell me you hsve two kids don't worry about it. I used that excuse too until I heard those unkind words and women flirting with my husband right in front of me. I am lucky that I have a great man that loves me no matter what. I am focus with my weight again I am currently 130 lbs. I feel so much better more confidence than I've ever had in my life and I have two beautiful kids and a gorgeous husband. It's whatever you feel inside that's going to make you happy. By the way I do still have stretch marks and I've always wished why can't I be those lucky girls taht goes right back to their normal size. You know what I'm glad I'm not cause I've reach my goals and proved that you really can do it! It's not easy but you can do it!

  5. terced ojos profile image59
    terced ojosposted 8 years ago

    I feel sorry for you and the women who go through what you are going through.

    This is going to sound trite and corny; maybe it's just me.

    My wife and I have four children together.  She has stretch marks and her weight yo-yo's up and down.  She's on the heavy side right now.

    The thing is when you love and respect your wife; you love all of her all the time regardless of her weight or her stretch marks.

    She is a wonderful mother.  My respect for her grows daily especially when I see her love for our 4 sons and the tremendous job she is doing with them.

    My wife is so much more than some physical object with which to amuse my libido.

    I watched her go through pain giving birth; I watch her patiently and lovingly raising our sons.

    So many things about her are so loving and so amazing. I so love, admire and respect her.

    I am a loving, supportive, husband and father and my wife and I are one.  I respect and love the person she is.

    You should tell your husband how his actions make you feel.

    If he loves you his response should reflect that love; greater than that he should respect you.

    You're not ugly.


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