My wife is in retraining for the military, just the other night me and her got i

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    tpc8806posted 8 years ago

    My wife is in retraining for the military, just the other night me and her got into a fight...

    about why she texts this other married guy going through retraining to all the time and we just got into it, she told me she just talkes to him about how the day went and each others families. She told me i was smothering her and pushing her away.To start off i just get this gut fealing that something else is going on. to start from the begining she cheated on me on her batchleret party(said she was raped) and i think thats is where all my insecurety comes from.. what advice do y ou have...should i trust her and just let her have her space?

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    grcraigposted 8 years ago

    yes give her space but keep your options open, get interested in other things and other people

    if she was lying about the rape then she has problems.also texting  married men she must b getting something from this man that you cant give her such as advice or assistance.

    if she WAS raped and u dont beieve her then YOU have a problem and need to display empathy and kindness.

    give her the space to work it all out, many people r lyers. they lie so as not to hurt other peoples feelings, being dishonest with themselves as well as their friends.they r cowards and generally insecure, lacking the confidence which should b instilled in a child when young by the parents

    best wishes
    aunty gill

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    Gerber Inkposted 7 years ago

    Your wife may just have a job-husband (guys have job-wives too). It is a go-to person for them when they're on the job, especially if they work closely together.  My hubby is in the military as well, and he has several women in his unit that he talks to about the job. God knows all that military lingo can get tiring/confusing anyway!  It doesn't really matter to me, as long as he always comes home to me.

    I think the key to any good marriage is communication though. If you're upset about this constant texting/talking, talk to her about it, but avoid being accusatory. She may not understand why you're upset, and yelling at her about it may only make it worse- you don't want her to start hiding her work relationships from you, do you? If all else fails, and you really feel like you're losing the foundation of your marriage and trust, consider going to marriage counseling. Sometimes that is the best way to clear the air and save your marriage.

    Good luck, and God bless!