DarlaD, I am currently separated from my wife of 15 years. It is very hard. I

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    ERR71posted 7 years ago

    I am currently separated from my wife of 15 years.  It is very hard.  I am finally to...

    the point of giving her the space she is asking for.  I can see a difference in her attitude already.  I am hopeful we can save our marriage for the kids, our home and ourselves.  Is there any advice you could give as to when I should ask her out for a date or just to hang out together?

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    Bechposted 7 years ago

    Green with envy here.  If you really love her, sit down together and make a pact that you will both take a break and make the rules that each of you will play by, such as no sex with another person, not taking the kids on the date, is dating allowed.  Remember when making your pacts that you are specific with each other.  You may want to try to give each other a five minute time to give their side and the other person cannot talk but only listen.  To find out more advice go to my site and I will give you more suggestions.  Sincerely, Bech

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    abhayamposted 7 years ago

    You need to think whether the misunderstanding between you two because of financial, emotional, or external issues.

    Find out the root cause of dissatisfaction in your relationship and try to change your approach to make your relationship work. Unless you two are willing to accept change for the overall benefit, one sided approach would fail. 

    Rebuilding the trust levels is another important thing in broken marriages. In a broken marriage, spouses does not respect each other anymore, feel distant, and dissatisfied.