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Wedding: Would it be cheaper to make everything myself or buy it from a store?

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    mom_8627posted 7 years ago

    Wedding: Would it be cheaper to make everything myself or buy it from a store?

    I think it would be nice if me and my fiance make everything for our wedding by ourselves, but we are on a really tight budget, and want to go about it as inexpensive as possible. and when i say make everything ourselves, i mean building the tables and chairs, to decorations, everything. but we cant figure out what would be the cheapest way to do it. please help!!!!
    i dont want a really small wedding, we have alot of family that is going to be there, but we dont want something used either. we want something that will be memoriable. something that will make us both remember it for a long time.

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    siamk2posted 7 years ago

    you and your Fiance can help each other....i think all hubber should contribute .....so i think it would be easy and your wish " remmeber for long time" can be fullfilled

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    Lifeallstar1posted 7 years ago

    I think if you are talented that way, it would be cheapest to do both. Buy or rent some things and make others. If you are having it outside, rent the tables, chairs, etc. That's cheapest. If you are having it at a place then they supply it. It really depends on what you want and where. If you're having it outside, and you're great cooks, then make the food, that's expensive at a place, however , usually they charge by the head at places (for reception) which includes a lot. You can make a lot of it, but I wouldn't go building tables and chairs for a ton of people, party rental places are cheap and you can get them to lower the price on things. As far as a dress, and things like that, if someone knows how, you can save a ton of money there but it's all within what you know how to do. You also want it to be your day so enjoying it is the most important. Cakes are expensive so if someone can make that, you save money. It really depends on what you are looking to have for your wedding. You can decorate which saves a lot but i still think the tables and chairs would be cheaper to rent. Or they are free if you have it at a place. Again, it's all depends on what you are looking for. You can decorate it and make it look beautiful. Good luck to you both!!

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    kymoraposted 7 years ago

    It really depends on what your budget is. Building tables and chairs doesn't sound cheap. Renting is the best way. Decide what is really important - the dress? the cake? Map out what is most important and how much that is going to cost you. One thing I never get is why do we have to have favors for our guests? Aren't they there for our day? I didn't have favors at my wedding - saved a ton of money. Instead we had a glass of champagne waiting for each person or sparkling wine when they arrived. People thought that was very special. Find creative ways to work around frevilous and gimmicky wedding stuff. Just because they say everyone is doing it doesn't mean everyone can afford it. Check out this new magazine for brides who are on a budget - diyweddingsmag.com. And good luck!

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    DECOR-RENT.composted 7 years ago

    Hello there.
    I would recomend to rent all the components from rental professionals. Such as rental companies and decor companies. But the labour of setting up and installing it all. Including the assembling of the centerpieses - that has to be done DIY. You will save about 40% of the cost.