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Got any tips to spice up an 8 yr relationship?

  1. GdessLacey profile image58
    GdessLaceyposted 7 years ago

    Got any tips to spice up an 8 yr relationship?

    Been married for 3 yrs and have a 3yr old child. Looking for ways to spice things up and get back on the same wavelength

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    houseazposted 7 years ago

    I have a very simple solution to this and something that has helped my wife and I have a very successful and loving relationship.

    The first thing you must do is spend as much time together as humanly possible.  Right now if you don't do things together you need to start.  For example,  my wife and I do household cleaning together every weekend.  We talk about everything during this time.  We work as a team.  At night we watch the same shows and we get ENGAGED with each other (I have a hub about this) and enjoy each others company.

    The second thing is if you are having intimacy issues (which it kind of sounds like you were alluding to) then you have got to become closer.  Start by scheduling your intimacy and being unique during this time.  Figure out each others wants and needs then compromise.

    You'll see I put a LOT of emphasis on communicating with each other - and this is critical if the not the most important component of a relationship.

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    Steves viewsposted 7 years ago

    remember when you first started going out with eachother,that first kiss going out of your way to do ntce things for eachother how great it felt to hold,hug tou know all the great touchy feely things that left you craving for more,the first time you made love,those were the good old days has it gotten to the point that the bathroom door is left open.I never could figure that one out .If it has not gotten to the point of seperate beds or even worse seperate rooms then still time to add some spice to your life do you ever play games like being naughty like doing it some where other then the bed ,like an elevator or on the beach use your imagination when was the last time you sent her roses,or has the lady of the nouse done something special for her man,i am presuming that this is a  man and woman relationship the love is still their instead of  taking it for granted you  goy yo start doing things that you both enjoy if you have children then you got family time and private time hope I could  help you with the spice of life

  4. MickS profile image72
    MickSposted 7 years ago

    if the spice has gone, there are only two people to blame and two people to put it right, you know the answer already, do things together, get a baby sitter in now and again and go out for a show, the cinema, a meal.

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    Always Greenerposted 7 years ago

    Try role-playing, you know being a dominent mistress or something in the bedroom - or maybe try a new look or makeover for the both of you.  New clothes, etc.  Or maybe do a mass cleanup of the house, and spend time together to pick out new things you both like?

  6. svencill profile image60
    svencillposted 7 years ago

    Try something new. Go out, buy something sexy to wear for him, or get some new toys. I think it's always good to keep trying something new even if some of those things turn out horribly.

  7. tinaweha profile image67
    tinawehaposted 7 years ago

    go to paris and stay in a cheap rundown hotel...and pretend you live there for a week.

  8. GdessLacey profile image58
    GdessLaceyposted 7 years ago

    Thank you all for your answers! I appreciate it very much! But we are actually getting divorced.