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my boyfriend and i broke up around this time last year, because he cheated on me

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    carlayyposted 7 years ago

    my boyfriend and i broke up around this time last year, because he cheated on me and i knew i...

    deserved better. i swore i'd never go back to him, but i recently hungout with people, and he was there. i have a new boyfriend now, who i'm happy with, but i miss my ex alot. sometimes i even cry about him. should i try to tell him that i miss him? or should i try to let it go?

  2. kimhopesmith profile image60
    kimhopesmithposted 7 years ago

    I know it's very hard to go through that, but if you tell him you miis him and cry over him, it will give him more happiness than it will give you. You deserve a good boyfriend and if you have one now, don't risk loosing him, over the one who cheated on you. Let him go as a memory, and move forward with a good person!

  3. minxibell profile image60
    minxibellposted 7 years ago

    an ex is an ex for a reason.
    you probably have unanswered questions like why did he do it & what did you do that made him do it.
    this doesn`t mean you really miss him.
    it means he was an important person in your life & not that you should forget him but should look to the future if you are truly happy with you new boyfriend

  4. prince89 profile image56
    prince89posted 7 years ago

    When you break up with your ex it takes time to get over him.  You can't just stop completely, I don't know how long you guys have been together but it will take time.  Be patient.  Enjoy being with your new guy and have fun with him. Good luck.