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My boyfriend cheated on me should I forgive him?

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    HealthyAdvice4Uposted 8 years ago

    My boyfriend cheated on me should I forgive him?

    I found out that my boyfriend fooled around while on vacation this past summer.

  2. Hokey profile image61
    Hokeyposted 8 years ago

    No! You should call me! I dont cheat! Cheaters suck!

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    HealthyAdvice4Uposted 8 years ago

    I would need more details but in any situation where a partner is unfaithful there are flaws that could end up making or breaking a relationship.

  4. advisor4qb profile image79
    advisor4qbposted 8 years ago

    Hmmmm.  If he feels bad enough and is asking for you to accept an apology, then he obviously has a conscience and may not do it again.  The question is whether or not you are able to trust him again.  THAT is where the problem will be.  That will always be in the back of your mind.

  5. SEO IT! profile image81
    SEO IT!posted 8 years ago

    Did he fool around once and feel horribly sorry for it, or did he continue to fool around because he knew you would not catch him? Is it possible he is sorry that you found out rather than being sorry that he actually cheated?

    I believe it is important to forgive, so I will say "Yes, you should forgive him.", but as to whether or not you should continue to be with him, search your heart and trust your own instincts rather than being blinded by love.

  6. stricktlydating profile image81
    stricktlydatingposted 8 years ago

    Would you now trust him to go away on vacation and be faithful to you?  Did he exchange phone numbers with her? Just because he told you about it doesn't mean you should forgive him, but only you can decide if you want to continue a relationship with him.