how to know about your self that u r in love or not?

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    thefadi07posted 7 years ago

    how to know about your self that u r in love or not?

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    jca197493@yahoo.cposted 7 years ago

    You always know! They are the person you confide in. The person that walks in a room and you feel that instant attraction! You know because you are able to be the "true" you. Last but not least, you will find no one takes the place of them in your life. They are the one that holds that spark of interest in you!!!

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    katiem2posted 7 years ago

    Have you wondered about the good chemistry of love, love is really about human science and how you are to know if your in love is by asking yourself if you experience any of the following feelings for another;

    First and foremost you find it really easy to just be yourself around this person.  You in fact are amazed at how at ease you are with them and how simple it is to reveal your true self to them.

    1. You feel as if you have known them longer than you actually have.
    2. You agree with them on most issues, and there is a feeling of warm familiarity surrounding you and this person.
    3. You feel as tho equal to this person.
    4. You are very interested in their day to day activities.
    5. You joke around easily and laugh whole heartedly.
    6. You long to nurture and care for this person.
    7. You enjoy spending time alone with this person.

    and on and on, I'm writing a series of hubs on this very question right now.  Look for them.  Love and Peace smile Katie