why am i feeling all these weird emotions.. its not me anymore. about two months

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    seltzer714posted 7 years ago

    why am i feeling all these weird emotions.. its not me anymore. about two months ago my...

    boyfriend of almost two years, i left him becuase he cheated and lied to me. i never wanted to leave... ive been depressed about him for six months. I WANT HIM BACK but he sends mixed signals. ever sense then i act so weird.. i love being alone by myself, i tryed dating others and wen i did i cheated which i wud never do. and then for the past months ive been thinking about being with a girl even though i love guys. my friend told me she was bisexual and now for some reason i wanna be with her. iwant the friendship back and i dont know how to win my boyfriend back.give advice please

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    dashingscorpioposted 7 years ago

    You sound very young.
    No one wants a cheater back!
    It sounds like you have a tough time being alone with yourself.
    Now is the time to focus on other things in your life (school, career, travel...etc) When you least expect it love will appear again in your life. Don't try to force things let them happen.
    An ex is an ex for a very good reason.
    "Your future is ahead of you, not behind you."
    It's time you started looking forward.

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    vashttii1posted 5 years ago

    Some people who find their mind with so many thoughts act on those thoughts before really figuring out whats best for them. Ask yourself a couple questions, first do you see yourself 5 years from now with a man or a women? If your x boyfriend wanted you back while you where seeing a women would you leave her for him? Like every thought we have theirs a good consiquence and a not so good one, and sexual desires have been known to cause grate regrets. Like him cheating on you, he should regret that. Some thoughts are ment to be controlled. When you left him, it was an unfair situation for you, because while your loving him he betrayed you. Its like a huge pimple showing up on the tip of your nose before graduation pictures. It happened when you did not expect it. So it through you out of your element. The hardest part of a brake up is moving on, and if hes not asking you to come back and hes sending mixed signals than he may not be as serious about you as you are for him. When ever one door shuts another door really does open, but their is a duration of  self reflection before you find it. That pain in your heart and the attachment you hold for him does go away, but only if you allow it. Out of sight out of mind.