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what exactly happne in "Love at first sight"?

  1. sushant143 profile image60
    sushant143posted 7 years ago

    what exactly happne in "Love at first sight"?

  2. profile image34
    bsarna02posted 7 years ago

    One gets blinded with temptations...Just kidding! But that is how I think about it.

  3. Right On Time profile image63
    Right On Timeposted 7 years ago

    Fantasising and projecting an ideal onto someone you see, usually based on sex.

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    reeltaulkposted 7 years ago

    Exactly what it says, you experience luv at first sight.  Now Love at first sight I don't know if that is possible.  If you had to give a limb to someone you claim to have fallen in luv with at first sight, would you do it?  Love and Luv are two totally different things.

  5. amitmishra0123 profile image54
    amitmishra0123posted 7 years ago

    attraction only nothing else? release hormones on mind.

  6. Rob Hanlon profile image60
    Rob Hanlonposted 7 years ago

    what exactly happens in "Love at first sight"?

    Thunderbolt and Lightning, very very frightening thing !


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    Butch Newsposted 7 years ago

    That person takes over your entire being and you want to be with them all the time.  It's a kind of magic not easily explained to anyone who hasn't had it happen to them.

    Hopefully the other person shares your feelings or it can be quite traumatic and devastating to one's being and take a long time to overcome.  You may never forget them.

    Who knows why this happens but it does.  I've been there more than once.  It is likely because of looks of the other person, or attitude or both.  It is likely sexually based and a kind of fantasy but it is very overpowering.

  8. Jaggedfrost profile image80
    Jaggedfrostposted 7 years ago

    A Poem concerning the phenomena of "love at first sight" read more

  9. Docmo profile image93
    Docmoposted 7 years ago

    While it may seem like purely physical attraction- 'first sight' doesn't really mean 'first glance'. It means when you first meet somebody.. the meeting of eyes, minds and hearts. You may take in information you don't even know you are taking in- their gestures, the kindness in their eyes, their sexuality, their warmth and elegance, their voice, the use of language and its connotations, their personality... there is so much information we are capable of processing in interpersonal communication. Your heart ( metaphorically) or your brain ( technically) takes in all this info, makes a judgement about the other person and falls in love. But it can all happen so swiftly it feels instantaneous. :-)

  10. Rosie2010 profile image75
    Rosie2010posted 7 years ago

    I don't really know if I had experienced "Love at first sight."  But I used to fall in love all the time when I was a teen.. but I think that was more infatuation than love.  I would suppose it would feel wonderful, heavenly, glorious.  It might make you uncomfortable, being with someone you just met, but already experiencing this truly wonderful feeling.  I think I would never be able to feel "Love at first sight" because I tend to like someone first and then love grows from there.  But I would love to feel it.. if I could.

  11. faria_lupin profile image69
    faria_lupinposted 7 years ago

    there is no word called 'love' but sometimes it can happen but not for everybody.but when people fall in love they act like a blind person.....
    not from my opinion 'love at first sight'.....the guy or the girl use to think him/her every moment they can feel them...can feel their breathe.....etc etc

  12. C.V.Rajan profile image80
    C.V.Rajanposted 7 years ago

    If you get committed, it will turn out to be "mistake for life time!"

  13. jamesroy11143 profile image60
    jamesroy11143posted 7 years ago

    I never experienced...really no idea what happen hmm